Storms, Bobcats stop Union Christian, 34-0

Friday, September 29, 2006
Berryville's David Jones, No. 28, intercepted this pass in the first quarter of the game with Union Christian last Friday as teammate Keith Smith, No. 27, backed up the play. Storms stopped play after just three minutes of the second quarter to end the contest. Photo courtesy Mike Cisco, Jr.

BERRYVILLE -- Football programs all across north Arkansas struggled to start and complete games last Friday when violent storms with lightning, hail and possible tornadoes swept across playing fields.

The Berryville Bobcats fared better than most although they didn't start play until after 9 o'clock, and played just the first quarter and 3:10 of the second before action between the Bobcats and Eagles of Union Christian of Fort Smith was halted.

Berryville led 32-0 and Eagles coach Bobby Hattabaugh and his administration had had enough, of weather and overwhelming Bobcat dominance, so Berryville got the win.

"It was a weird feeling all night, sitting around waiting because of bad weather," Coach Bobby Bishop said. "There was big hail, and the tornado sirens were going off.

"We stopped at 3:10 of the second quarter, and that was the ball game. We had our computer on to the satellite weather, the television tuned in to weather, and a lightning detector.

"Coach Hattabaugh didn't want to wait past 10:30 to play, so at 10:20 we looked at it and their administration made the call to go home."

Even in that short 15 minutes, Berryville put up some impressive stats. Nehemias Lopez had 115 yards on 14 carries, two touchdowns and an interception on the second play of the game. David Jones had 4 carries for 39 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Clint Morton had 3 carries for 34 yards and a touchdown, Ozzy Duarte 2 carries for 8 yards, and Andy Curry 4 carries for 24 yards. Jorge Mojica kicked a 29-yard field goal and made two extra points, and Eric Richter had one. Jordan Parton made a 2-point conversion when a kick attempt was bobbled and he ran it in anyway.

"We scored on every possession," Coach Bishop said. "Our offense was real sharp. We never had to punt. It could have gotten real ugly. Union Christian was outmanned. Our defense played pretty good -- had two interceptions and a fumble recovery by Ozzie Duarte that Charlie Booth caused."


Berryville hosts Huntsville this Friday. The Eagles have yet to win a game, losing to Harrison, Elkins and Prairie Grove, but Coach Bishop said, "They're a lot better than their record indicates. They're capable and they are real athletic kids. Qualls is a pretty good running back. He got 100 yards or so against Prairie Grove, and their quarterback is a good hand."

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