Harriers improve times at Elkins Invitational

Thursday, September 21, 2006
Berryville Junior Lady Bobcat Katie Swofford charged across the finish line second overall at the Berryville Invitational Cross Country meet on Sept. 9, to cheers from finish line helpers Allison and Jason Tennant. Swofford finished second overall again, first in the 3A-1 division, in last Saturday's Elkins Invitational in a huge field of teams from 7A through 1A. David McNeal / Carroll County News

ELKINS -- County cross country teams improved by leaps and bounds at last Saturday's Elkins Invitational meet as times continued to drop for Highlander and Bobcat teams.

A large field of teams from 7A on down participated, causing race officials to split the field into 1A-3A, 4A-5A, and 6A-7A divisions.

The Berryville junior and senior high girls both finished as runnerups in the 4A-5A division, with Tori Grim and Megan Plumlee medaling in senior high, and Katie Swofford and Kaily Evans medaling in junior high.

Bobcat Aaron Edwards finished third overall in the senior boys division, earning him a medal. Coach Doug Scheel said, "Everybody ran real well, improved their times. The course was flat and everybody ran their best times. We're getting better each week."

The Eureka Springs senior boys finished second behind Mountainburg in the 1-A-3A division, but beat Elkins this time.

Coach Ben Lairamore said, "Elkins beat us last week, so our goal was to beat them and we did. Now our goal is to beat Mountainburg this weekend at Siloam Springs. I was proud of the boys."

Four Highlanders medaled with high finishes in their division, including Travis Guess, Justin Roop, Andrew Hansen, and Jacob Worley, who finished 5th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. "We set goals, and everybody beat their goal," Lairamore said.

Lairamore's junior boys finished third behind Elkins and Shiloh Christian, with Anthony Perdue medaling. "They're giving a good effort. We bumped two ninth-graders up to senior high that could have helped the team finish."

Coach Hassell Bell's teams were shorthanded as a number of runners were out sick with upper respiratory problems.

"Our junior high girls finished fourth and all improved their times," Bell said. "Kasi Weston and Haillie Cisco both medaled. In senior girls, Abbie Brown was eighth in our division. Alta Johnson sprained an ankle during the race and couldn't finish. They were our only two available in senior girls."


(Overall 1A-7A)

Berryville Bobcats

Sr. Boys- Aaron Edwards- 16:14, 3rd; Ismael Mojica- 19:10, 46; Kent Butler- 20:14, 66; John Douell- 20:16, 62; Bach Herring- 21:29, 83; Stephen Blazo- 22:55, 103; Nick Marlow- 24:43.

Sr. Girls- Megan Plumlee- 20:38, 3rd; Tori Grim- 21:35, 7th; Taylor Bishop- 21:39, 8th; Jordan Edwards- 22:48, 11; Ashley Anderson- 23:34, 18; Anna Steeley- 24:55, 33; Jenna Sanders- 24:58, 34; Anja Buchheitz- 26:35, 47.

Jr. Girls- Katie Swofford- 11:49, 2nd; Kaily Evans- 11:57, 8th; Ashley Harvell- 12:42, 23; Bethany Epley- 14:08, 28; Becca Epley- 15:58, 87; Jeanette Morfin- 16:05, 94; Loryn Mercedes- 17:33, 110.

Jr. Boys- Derrick Graham- 106th; Blake Jech- 13:58, 132.

Eureka Springs Highlanders

Sr. Boys- Travis Guess- 18:56, 40; Justin Roop- 20:04, 60; Andrew Hansen- 20:08, 62; Jacob Worley- 20:16, 68; Nathan Drebenstedt- 21:01, 76; John Overman- 21:51, 90; Matt Lackey- 22:48, 100; Dominik Hoffmann- 25:24, 118; Troy Mosley- 25:34, 119.

Sr. Girls- Abbie Brown- 24:51, 32; Alta Johnson- injured ankle, DNF.

Jr. Boys- Anthony Perdue- 12:09, 53; Ian Reynolds- 13:01k 89; Chris Verdoot- 13:02, 92; Dustin Morrell- 13:07, 94; Michael McGee- 13:09, 98; Jeromy Perdue- 13:18, 102; Brian Sebby- 14:19, 142; Joey Chatterton- 15:24, 165; Zephon Nation- 15:41, 168; Jimmy Hansen- 15:50, 169; Zack Cole- 15:59, 170; Matt McGehee- 17:03, 182; Alex Freeman- 17:33, 182; Ben Windle- 19:11, 186.

Jr. Girls- Kasi Weston- 14:19, 8th in 3A; Haillie Cisco- 17:42, 113; Carrington Meyers- 17:23, 106; Laura Winters- 18:02, 120; Amanda Martinez- 19:08, 127.

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