Green Forest Council extends moratorium on water connections beyond city limits

Thursday, September 21, 2006

GREEN FOREST -- A moratorium resolution, which will prevent any new water connections outside the city limits of Green Forest, was passed, and council members voted to purchase an estimated $25,000 hydraulic water sstem computer model to document pipe infrastructure during a Monday meeting.

The approved moratorium resolution stated that new demands on the current water system could impact present and future residents and therefore would not be lifted until the city ouncil voted to do so.

The issue stems from a recent decrease in water pressure within the city limits of Green Forest, which is caused by an extended service that the city has supplied to rural communities because of a 1980s incident largely due to a "snk hole" in Dry Creek that tainted well waters.

The council then heard from Joe Tarvin, president of EGIS Engineering, who got approval to begin work on a computer water system model that would provide city water employees a detailed description of every ine, connection, and pipe used within the infrastructure, and also would give instructions on "how to remedy a problem," said Public Works Director Buddy Fry.

"Right now we are just shooting in the dark," added Fry. The council approved the project and plns to pay for the system with the more than $300,000 worth of bond money that has been set aside specifically for the rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems. Tarvin said the model could be completed and available in two months.

Melody Strodtman a South Arch Street resident, told council members she had concerns about the rust in her water, which she suspected came from galvanized pipes.

"We are plugging away," replied Mayor Richard Deweese. He added that the elimination of the galvanized pipinghad been in process for years and the city was constantly working on the water lines.

"If it's possible, they (residents) need to check their own piping inside their house," urged Deweese.

He said if any resident had questions they could contact Fry at te city water department, and that issues would be addressed "as quickly as possible."

In other business, Ed Proctor, business and technical division chairman at North Arkansas College, entered into an agreement with the council to have his equipment clas students level the soccer field on Broadway Avenue.

Proctor anticipated to start work on the field in late October or early November after his class completes its three current projects.

"This same class is the one who leveled the field in Harrison," sad Proctor. "So, we've got some experience in this."

In other business, the council approved $8,300 worth of repairs to the sidewalk in front of Barnhill Poultry Supply across from the city square.

They also welcomed the idea of bringing next year's Relay or Life event to Veteran's Memorial Park on Sixth Street set for April 21 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. "It will not be an overnight event," explained Polly Lichti, who seemed grateful for the go-ahead.

The next city council agenda meeting is planned for Oct. 2at 7 p.m. in city hall.

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