HI Planners approve final draft of regulations

Thursday, September 14, 2006

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- After several meetings of discussions and rewrites, the Holiday Island Planning Commission (HIPC) approved its final draft revisions to its Regulations for Construction and Residential Habitation at its Sept. 1 meeting.

The revisions also contain revised and new attachments.

The commission periodically passes resolutions to change or add regulations under its jurisdiction in addition to the Declaration of Reservations that already govern building and property use in the various units in Holiday Island.

In May 2001, the commission revised its earlier draft. It revised it again in May 2004. This latest revision includes changes made or resolutions passed in the last two years.

A number of changes to the draft include more specific or restricted definitions of construction rules. In Section I, contractors and homebuilders must now show "the location and type of the planned driveway . . . on the plot plan." This came about as a result of complaints about street parking.

Square footage determination for the price of the permit changes from "heated" living space to "habitable" living space.

HIPC restricts its authority to issue permits for outside lights to residential units and requires a minimum distance of 300 feet between lights. This same wording is added in Section IX.

In Section II, "mobile homes" is clarified to "mobile homes and on frame modular homes." The recent confusion between the two types of structures and their construction instigated this change.

An added last sentence to Section I reads: "Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) to property owners who are completing the interior of a structure will be handled on a case-by-case basis."

In Section VI, wording of "interior potable water" changes to "interior water lines." A new provision requires that all water lines from the meter to the structure be placed in sleeves. This helps protect them from shifts in the earth.

In Section VIII, which deals with general information on construction, the prohibition on wood shakes now includes "wood shingles."

Three new provisions are also added to Section VIII. HIPC now requires approval on plans for retaining walls. Structure height is restricted to 30 feet above the highest part of a lot. Exterior finish of any additions, attached or detached, must match in design, color and materials "as closely as possible" to the existing structure.

Due to liability issues, in Section X wording is added to ask contractors to notify the building inspector and neighboring property owners before blasting.

This revision of the Regulations also changes and adds appendices. The Road Damage Permit form changes the non-refundable inspection fee from $50 to $250. This change was approved by the district Board of Commissioners in August. The district issues this permit.

The building inspector's inspection record has been revised and a new Residential Certificate of Occupancy checklist has been added.

This checklist includes requirements such as removal of dumpsters, portable toilets, construction materials and equipment from the site and road damage inspection cleared by the district and penalties paid.

A letter explaining these changes and additions and a copy of the new Regulations will be sent to area contractors who have built at Holiday Island.

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