Tigers face Panthers, Bobcats vs Blackhawks; tough foes for Week 2

Monday, September 11, 2006

CARROLL COUNTY -- The Tiger and Bobcat football teams are facing tough opponents in their second games of the season today, with Green Forest hosting the Yellville-Summit Panthers, and Berryville hosting the Pea Ridge Blackhawks.

The coaches shared some of their scouting reports and named names to watch for at the games tonight.

Blackhawks vs. Bobcats

Pea Ridge beat Gentry 22-7 last week, with junior running back Ryan Thetford getting 162 yards on 38 carries. Quarterback Dustin Woodward had 17 carries for 82 yards, scoring twice, and threw a 44-yard pass to receiver Josh Simmons.

The Blackhawks run the Dead-T offense and have a solid offensive line. Coaches say they are disciplined and come off the ball hard. It's a ball control attack, so the clock will be running when Pea Ridge has the ball.

One of the running backs is Cody Neal, a former Bobcat who followed parents Rick and Sheila Neal to Pea Ridge, so that should spice up the rivalry for both sides.

On defense, the Blackhawks run a 5-2 and have some big guys up front, coaches say.

Tigers vs. Panthers

This game may be the battle of the big boys, as both teams boast good size in the lines.

A difference maker might be that Yellville also has a lot of size in the backfield.

Spencer Podillet, No. 45, is a 6-1, 220 lb. fullback/linebacker. Brandon Eaves is a 6-0, 240 lb. fullback, and Bennett is a 6-0, 215 lb. tight end who can move to the backfield also.

Quarterback Tim Murray is a senior and probably the fastest player on the team. He also has a good arm and runs the option well.

Justin Kelly, No. 8, a junior wingback, is good on sweeps and outside plays. The Panthers run a Wing-T or slot on offense, and a Split-4 on defense, with two linebackers in the middle.

The Tigers might be able to block that Split-4 with their Wishbone attack, but will have to run past Eli Shelton, No. 73, a 5-9, 310 lb. Panther lineman, and No. 66, Stevens, a 6-3, 220 lb. defensive end who also plays offensive tackle.

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