Property group tells HI it won't cost-share paving

Monday, July 31, 2006

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Public comments took up half the meeting of the Holiday Island Board of Commissioners (BOC) monthly business meeting July 24.

Property owner Rebecca Sherman questioned the board on a number of items. She asked for clarification on District Manager Kevin Crosson's statement during his monthly manager's report that National Recreational Properties, Inc. (NRPI) had decided not to cost-share road paving this year.

NRPI bought remaining inventory lots from the Holiday Island Development Corporation in 2005. Under the agreement with the district, NRPI could request the paving of the remaining gravel roads and would cost-share the job with the district at 50 percent each. But that does not obligate them to commit to road paving, Crosson said.

"They approached us early this year, and we negotiated a list with the local real estate manager," Crosson said.

That list included 1.68 miles of gravel roads on Mohawk Place and Choctaw, Bobcat, Cove, Coral and Opal lanes. To double chip-and-seal surface those roads would cost $111,132, or $50,566 each to the district and NRPI.

"He had to clear it with corporate headquarters, and they said they can't this year," Crosson said.

With that work waiting to be done, there are about 2.6 miles of unpaved roads left in Holiday Island that will not be done this year. The district was also going to postpone asphalting access roads to its well sites to do the cost-share program with NRPI.

But with that program postponed, Crosson said by phone he will look at including it with the bid for single chip-and-seal paving in a joint project with Carroll County. That work will be 2.86 miles at a total cost of $34,320, $26,070 of which will be paid by the district.

Sherman asked about the Rec Center's use of The Source church building for a youth playground program this summer and whether the zoning in that unit, which is R-1, allows such use.

She also asked about the annual water quality reports to the Health Department, the safety of light poles at the tennis courts and the marketing plan and asked for answers to be brought forth at next month's board meeting.

Property owner James McKinney asked Crosson to comment on the excavation crews working on the golf driving range uncovering an active spring at the site.

McKinney said there is an active stream coming out of the ground on the north side of the culvert, traveling 10 to 12 feet and under the culvert and then going back into the ground where a berm with hay bales was placed on the culvert's south side and joining an active stream further down the gulley coming down from the golf course.

He said he believes the stream produces 2 to 3 gpm (gallons per minute). Crosson disagreed and said he thought it produces 2 to 3 gallons "total."

McKinney said he had contacted Fish and Wildlife to find out if the stream had been reported by the district, and was told it hadn't.

McKinney warned the golf driving range would "end up costing more than the $77,000 originally projected, now $100,000." He said he thought it will end up costing $300,000 to $350,000.

"The cost is inflated (to $100,000) because you and your neighbors didn't want the access to be off Country Club Drive," Crosson said. "So we revised the plan to come off the storage cart area."

In other business, the board:

* Approved on second reading Amendment #8 of Reg. 26-2002, Golf Course Rules. Changes to the final draft include adding the 90-degree golf cart rule at all times and taking out the word "volunteer" for the golf ranger program. The effective date will be Nov. 1 this year.

* Approved on first reading Amendment #9 of Reg. 26-2002, Golf League Sanctioning, Changes to the draft will include clarifying language about who can join the men's and women's leagues.

* Approved on second reading Amendment #2 to Reg. 15-2003, Road Damage Permit Requirements.

* Approved funding $33,000 toward the cost of a new fire station in The Park that will serve both the district and rural fire areas. The station will be owned by the district.

* Heard Crosson's manager's report. Year-to-date the district collected $771,000 in assessments. Operating income of $1,610,000 against expenses of $1,504,000 left a net operating income of $106,000. Deducting capital expenditures of $378,000 left the district with an overall net loss of $272,000.

* Retired to executive session for Crosson's semi-annual review, then reconvened to open session but took no action.

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