Ozark Gospel Festival to feature Wallace Family

Monday, July 31, 2006
The Wallace Family

EUREKA SPRINGS -- The Wallace Family, based in Emory, Texas, has been announced as another gospel group taking part in the Second Annual Ozark Mountain Gospel Festival Sept. 9-10.

The Wallace Family has made special guest performances with the Isaacs, Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Greenes, The McKameys, Aaron Wilburn, Donnie Sumner and others.

The Wallace Family was not always known as the Wallace Family. Until 1997, the group was called Southern Gospel Praise. After much thought and prayer, the group decided to go back to their original roots, which included Granny Wallace, and Harold and Naomi Wallace.

Since that time in 1997, the name of the Wallace Family, has become more and more recognized in Texas and in Oklahoma.

The group came to be as it is today, with group members being Tony Murray and Glenda Wallace Murray, Matt Miller and Sandra Wallace Miller. Still traveling with the family every chance she can is Naomi Wallace, Sandra and Glenda's mom.

Lead singer and alto is Glenda, who also does a lot of the speaking while on the road, as she has a gift for gab.

Sandra sings high tenor and operates the electronic drum system. Tony plays lead guitar with a blues sound to compliment the Southern Gospel style.

Matt plays keyboards and sings a little lead, tenor and alto. He also writes a lot of the songs for the ministry. Naomi keeps the books and prays for the furtherance of the ministry as they work to spread the gospel of Jesus.

Working behind the scenes are Danny, Donna, and Staci Underwood helping with bookings, bus repairs, and keeping the Web site up to date.

"The prayer of the Wallace Family, as a whole, is to see souls won to Christ, as we know, time is running out," said gospel festival spokesman Darry Lisemby.

For more information regarding the Ozark Mountain Gospel Festival, visit the Web site at http://www.darry.us/Ozark_Mt._Festival.htm.

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