HI Board of Commissioners backs away from golf changes

Monday, July 24, 2006

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- After months of debate, the Holiday Island Board of Commissioners (BOC) is backing down on two major changes it has attempted to make to its golf course rules and league sanctioning process.

Meeting in work session Monday, the Board discussed a draft of Amendment #8 to Reg. 26 on Golf Course Rules in preparation for considering it for second and final reading at the July 24 business meeting.

Commissioner Dick Lytle objected to restricting golf carts from all par 3 holes on the 18-hole golf course.

"In reality the grass on these par 3 holes is in much better shape than on many par 4 and 5s," he said. "It will be a hardship on most of the older players to have to walk to the hole. If we use the 90-degree rule, and the people are knowledgeable about this, I believe we should remove it (from the rules)."

"The original intent of the Board was to protect the golf courses," District Manager Kevin Crosson said. "It's a fairly standard practice on courses with a 90-degree rule."

The Holiday Island golf courses do not

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