Basketball Champion Boy Awards

Monday, June 12, 2006

Champions were also named in five events for the boys, including Free Throws, Hot Shot, Obstacle Course, 1-on-1, and 3-on-3, plus an Outstanding Camper award, in each of five age groups.

A big group of parents attended the final afternoon session on Thursday, including some moms that sat through both morning and afternoon events in the rapidly rising heat.

With the help of a number of BHS athletes, the coaches handed out the following awards:

Outstanding Campers

4th-Tate Ferguson; 5th- J.J. Wood; 6th- Jose Espinoza; 7th- Payton Crissup; 8th- Garrett Griffith.

Free Throw Champs

4th- Caleb Cox; 5th- Bradley Riley; 6th- Drew Howerton; 7th- Blake Jech; 8th- Gavin Osnes.

Hot Shot Champs

4th- Caleb Cox; 5th- Bradley Riley; 6th- Aaron Flake; 7th- Blake Jech; 8th- Eric Holman.

Obstacle Course Champs

4th- Caleb Cox; 5th- Bradley Riley; 6th- Mathew Manley; 7th- Drew Fry; 8th- Eric Holman.

1-on-1 Champs

4th- Caleb Cox; 5th- Austin Carr; 6th- Rick Porter; 7th- Taylor Judy; 8th- Gavin Osnes.

3-on-3 Champs

4th-5th-6th- Goblins- Bradley Riley, Kollyn Scitern; Jose Espinoza, Bryar Bolinger.

7th-8th- Ballas- Anthony Allstatt, Emory Mayfield, Ben Hale.

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