ETC seeking rate reduction for Auditorium use

Monday, June 12, 2006

EUREKA SPRINGS -- Eureka Theatre Company would like to have lower rates for using The Auditorium for its productions.

And while the City Advertising and Promotion Commission appears amenable to the idea, the devil is in the details.

Auditorium Manager Ray Dilfield and Bookkeeper Shelia Hulsey were asked to figure a yearly cost for the Auditorium, determine what should be included to pass on to users of the facility, and, hopefully, come up with a equitable rate for low-impact community users.

Dilfield will also do a break-down on hourly break-down and set-up costs.

The impact can vary significantly, depending on the organization. For instance, ETC has more involved sets, six complete ones for its July production, than most groups.

The Ozarks Chorale is less complicated in its set-up for its spring and Christmas season productions, with only the setting of a grand piano, risers and background shell, the later put up by chorale members, usually in less than an hour.

It was pointed out in discussion that it would not be right to set one specific rate for one group, such as ETC, then charge different rates for other non-profit groups.

Hence, Dilfield believes a reorganization of rental categories will be in order. "Right now, it is loosely defined on impact, which is a rather subjective criterium," he said.

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