Tigers, Bobcats race in Meet of Champions

Thursday, June 1, 2006

HOT SPRINGS --Green Forest's Maranda Dickinson, a ninth-grader, won the 800m race at state in 2:28.22, earning a place at the Meet of Champions in Hot Springs last Wednesday. She finished fourth at the Meet of Champions in 2:23.18, improving her time by five seconds.

"We're real proud of Maranda," Coach Jay Martin said. "She got boxed in on the first lap and had to expend some effort to get out of it, but she was right there at the end. She ran a 70 first quarter, and a 73 final lap. She never backs down, and always wants to win."

How close was the finish? Seven girls finished between 2:22 and 2:25 as they chased the leader, Erin Gatlin of Van Buren.

Lady Bobcat Megan Plumlee, also a ninth-grader, was taken by surprise at her invitation. Coach Emily Webb said Megan thought she was done for the year after finishing third at state in the 3200m run in 12:48.22, but a phone call last Tuesday changed all that.

"She was shocked at first, but decided to go run," Coach Webb said. "At the meet she ran hard, kept a good pace, and the last 150 yards kicked hard. When she's a senior, nobody will beat her. She was outstanding and finished sixth in 13:13.26."

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