Island golfers throw out worst three holes

Monday, May 15, 2006

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- The Holiday Island Ladies Golf Association Play of the Day for May 3, was "Throw out the three Worst holes."


1st Flight- low gross, Nancy Crouse- 49; low net, Ginny Jankowski- 35; play of the day, Judy Wellinghoff- 32.

2nd Flight- low gross, Jane DuMontier- 61; low net, Pat Woodward- 44; play of the day- Tie- 36- Colleen Inman & Shila Forrer.

3rd Flight- low gross, Elna Sieg- 65; low net, Marilyn Keissling- 39; play of the day, Greta Sterghas- 41.


1st Flight- low gross, Sue Dillard- 84; low net, Kathy Kuhn- 69; play of the day, Barb Kuhn- 55.

2nd Flight- low gross, Mary Lou Smith- 106; low net, Connie Woolhiser- 75; play of the day, Darlene Strong- 60.

3rd Flight- low gross, Mary Smith- 106; low net, Jean Bunting- 77; play of the day, Helen Petteway- 62.

4th Flight- low gross, Carol Redmond- 106; low net, Carol Bates- 78; play of the day, Patty Edwards.

Low putts- 27- Mary Mills

Chip-ins- No. 10, Debbie Cosens; No. 16, B. J. Fowler; No. 6, Mary Smith; No. 18, Sharon DeGarimore.

Birdies- Mary Smith, #No. 6

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