Diamond-9 completes double play

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

GREEN FOREST -- Bats were meeting the ball and pitches were finding the strike zone this week when the Green Forest Tiger baseball team swept games from Marshall and Lead Hill.

The Tigers won 8-2 over the Marshall Bobcats on Monday, then added a 11-5 victory over Lead Hill on Tuesday.

"We're seeing the ball and hitting better," Coach Tony Coffey said. "Going 2-1 is a good start for us."


Vs. Marshall Bobcats

GF- 8R-5H-2E

MR- 2R-2H-6E

"We did real well," Coach Coffey said. "Caleb Goodman did real well on the mound, threw a lot of strikes. Marshall's pitcher, Young, threw hard. I was impressed we hit him as well as we did.

"They don't have lights, so we only played six innings, and we didn't have a JV game for the same reason."

GF- 1-2-1-0-4-0

MR- 0-0-0-1-0-1

Pitching- Goodman- 4I- 6K, 2W, 0H, 1ER; Barrett Phillips- 1-1/3 I- 2K, 3W, 1H, 1 ER; James Thomas- 2/3 I- 1H. John Asbury caught the game.

Hits- Colby Arnold- 1/4, double, 1 run scored; Thomas- 1/4, double, 2 runs scored, RBI; Dustin Badley- 1/1, 1 run scored; Jarid Fredrick- 1/1, RBI; Andrew Asbury- 1/2, 2 runs scored, RBI.


Vs. Lead Hill Tigers

LH- 5R-3H-3E

GF- 11R-13H-6E

"We're seeing the ball and hitting well," Coach Coffey said. The team was 2-1 after the win, causing Coffey to say, "That's a good start. On defense we're making some errors, but that's to be expected this early."

LH- 0-0-0-1-1-1-2

GF- 3-1-0-3-0-4

Pitching- Colby Arnold- 3-2/3 I- 2W, 2K, 0H; Aaron Campbell- 2-2/3 I- 5W, 3K, 3H; James Thomas- 2/3 I- 1W, 0H. John Asbury caught.

"Our two lefthanders, Caleb Goodman and Colby Arnold, are a tough 1-2 punch on the mound," Coffey said. "They gave up no hits. And Cody Howard did a good job at first."

Hits- Arnold- 3/4, 2 runs scored, RBI; Jordan Alvard- 2/3, 2R; Asbury- 2/4, double, 2R, RBI; Thomas- 1/3, double, 2R, 2 RBI; Justin Reece- 3/3, HR, 1R, 4 RBI; Dustin Badley- 2/4, double, RBI; Goodman- 2R; Brandon Doyle- pinch runner, scored on sac fly.


Green Forest won 5-2. Coach Coffey said Barrett Phillips was on the mound for two innings, throwing strikes, and that Terik Jones was playing better at catcher.

"They're all hitting the ball better," Coffey said.

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