Green Forest facing water pressure drop

Thursday, September 22, 2005

GREEN FOREST -- A water pressure drop in Green Forest is affecting city fire hydrants and residential areas.

One of the causes of the decreased water pressure is the closing of the water filtering plant that pumped Anderson Spring water to Green Forest residences, said Buddy Fry, public works director.

The plant has been out-of-order for more than a year, but was officially shut down last spring due to the unaffordable renovations needed to meet state standards.

Since the closing, the Carroll-Boone Water District (CBWD) has supplied water from its three-million-gallon tank and its one-million-gallon tank on Pinnacle Mountain, said Fry.

"Phase Two of the city's water system is the area most affected," said Fry. (It stretches from the Denver community to U.S. Hwy. 62.)

"When Phase Two gets low, Phase Three shares its water in order to increase the pressure," said Fry. (Phase Three stretches from Hwy. 62 to Carrollton.) This causes a decrease in pressure for both Phases.

"The tanks on Pinnacle Mountain are gravity fed," said Fry, "and that's part of the problem, but it's also the peak of summer and very dry, Phase Two has got many turkey houses, and new houses being built; all of this affects the water pressure," said Fry.

"We cannot continue to perform a balancing act at the Carrollton metering station," said Fry.

The city council approved a study on the impact of setting up another metering station on the cut-off road in Hugh.

At the city council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 13, Fire Chief Chris Trask stated there was a fire hydrant on South Arch Street that was completely unusable, and therefore painted black.

"This particular fire hydrant has never had a good flow; it wasn't very functional before the water pressure dropped," said Fry. "The (South Arch Street) area is still covered by other hydrants, and there is nothing wrong with the hydrants in town besides the flow rates are down from last year."

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