Holiday Island ladies report scores from two playdays

Monday, August 1, 2005

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- The Holiday Island Ladies 9- and 18-hole Play of the Day on Wednesday, July 20, was 5-9 Blind Draw


1st Flight- Low Gross- 42- Nancy Crouse; Low net- 32- Drenda Higden; Play of the Day- 17- Judy Wellinghoff.

2nd Flight- Low Gross- 57- Noelle Setrum; Low net- 37 Pat Woodward; Play of the Day- 23- Linda Roper.

3rd Flight- Low Gross- 60- Jane DuMontier; Low net- 36- Leona Snyder; Play of the Day- 21- Elna Sieg.

4th Flight- Low Gross- 58- Helen Wright; Low ne-t 36- Marlyn Kiwssling; Play of the Day- 21- Vivian Kahle.

Low Putts- 16- Joan Ford and Norma Rix.


1st Flight- Low Gross- 91- Barb Kuhn; Low net- 74- Kathy Kuhn; Play of the Day- 33- Judy Gambill.

2nd Flight- Low Gross- 100- Jeanette Gushwa; Low Net- 74- Jean Sylvester; Play of the Day- 36- Debbie Cosens.

3rd Flight- Low Gross- 95- Loretta Metzger; Low net- 70- Mary Lou Smith; Play of the Day- 31- Betty Wallace.

4th Flight- Low Gross- 114- Donna Putnam; Low net- 81- Linda Shafer; Play of the Day- 34- Peggy Blackwell.

Low Putts- 26- Connie Woolhiser.

Chip-ins- No. 7- Connie Woolhiser; No. 5- Betty Wallace

Birdies- No. 3- Carol Graham; No. 3- Debbie Cosens; No. 7- Jeanette Gushwa.

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