Island golfers play for net score on par-fours

Monday, July 18, 2005

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Play of the Day on July 6 for the Holiday Island Ladies Golf Association was Net Score of Par-4 Holes, with a fun day played on July 13.


1st Flight Low Gross 53 Ginny Janlowski Low Net 38 Noelle Setrum Play of the Day Linda Roper

2nd Flight Low Gross 59 Pat Woodward Low Net 36 Elna Sieg Play of the Day 16 Jane DuMontier

3rd Flight Low Gross 64 Vivian Kahle Low Net 37 Carole Larson Play of the Day 17 Helen Wright

Low Putts 14 Colleen Inman Chip ins # 18 Leona Snyder


1st Flight Low Gross 88 Barb Kuhn Low Net 69 Kathy Kuhn Play of the Day Saundra DeGarimore

2nd Flight Low Gross 91 Bonnie Mapes Low Net 66 B J Fowler Play of the Day 49 Connie Woolhiser

3rd Flight Low Gross 98 Betty Wallace Low Net 72 Helen Petteway Play of the Day 52 Loretta Metzger

4th Flight Low Gross 101 Linda Shafer Low Net 75 Kay Janky Play of the Day tie 58 Jackie Haislip & Donna Putnam

Low Putts 28 Carol Redman & Kathy Kuhn Chip Ins # 16 Barb Kuhn.


July 13 play was a 9- and 18-hole Fun Day Scramble. Both leagues played only nine holes, with a pot luck lunch after the golf.

The Winners were:

1st Place Team- with a 36, Judy Gambill, Kay Janky, Jackie Haislip, & Gloria Sebold

2nd Place- with a 38, Barb Kuhn, Patty Edwards, Joan Ford, & Marlyn Kiessling

3rd Place- (tie) with a 39, Bonnie Mapes, Wanda Stuck, Terry Welch, & Elna Sieg; and Debbie Cosens, B J Fowler, Donna Putnam, & Bea King

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