Letter to the Editor: The purpose of GSHS is the animals

Thursday, May 5, 2005

So sad .... a small group of local individuals are trying to destroy the reputation and integrity of the Good Shepherd Humane Society. I am a volunteer for the GSHS and I have been watching and listening to these people. Last week at the GSHS's monthly meeting, this "group" filed in to the Convention Center. They proceeded to talk amongst themselves and some of them had determined, angry looks on their faces. Their reasoning has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of the GSHS: THE ANIMALS! Several of them have NEVER had anything to do with the GSHS. The Board proceeded with their meeting. Positive reports were given on the State of the Shelter and the thrift stores.

Apparently, they want to remove the Board of Directors because in their opinion, the by-laws haven't been followed exactly. Behind all of this, their vindictiveness is showing. Some members of the GSHS were removed recently due to their behavior towards GSHS. One member made untrue accusations about the GSHS publicly. The remarks were full of falsehoods. He harassed and assaulted employees of the GSHS in the past few months. A former GSHS Shelter manager were also degrading the GSHS. After all this, the Board of Directors proceeded to remove their memberships, as permitted per the by-laws. Therefore, the reason for the "Plotting against the GSHS."

The GSHS is actually in very good hands, from the volunteers to the Board of Directors. The animals are not overcrowded, they are very healthy, receiving obedience training and finding homes. New animals are admitted and cared for. One good thing has come from all this. People who have never attended a meeting, volunteered for GSHS or even offered assistance in the past have joined as members! I wonder how many will actually volunteer to unload a semi-truckload full of food when it is donated to the Shelter or how many will visit the Shelter to visit with the animals, or how many will give a day of their time for a fundraising event, etc? The truth is that some of these people just want to join the "plotters" bandwagon.

Why don't these "Plotters" turn their negative energy into positive and realize that they are hurting the GSHS? In their endeavors, they have actually recruited a local attorney. This is the same attorney who in the previous few years was hired by the GSHS for situations like this. He was not a member until April 2005. Will the GSHS have to spend extra money for another attorney instead of helping the animals? This is the result of all the nonsense.

All this uproar has caused more unnecessary stress than anyone should have to deal with. There are so many people who are behind the GSHS and know the hard work several individuals have completed. "Plotters," move on get off your high horse and unless you wish to help, leave the people who do the good work for the GSHS alone. Let them care for the animals, which is their intent. Last year, five people came to the annual meeting to vote. This year? It will probably be packed with "Plotterg." Where were you last year or as far as that goes, during this year to help?

Take a real good look at yourselves in the mirror, and ask yourself if you like this person who is hurting the animals and the animal shelter. Shame on all of you!

Name withheld

by request

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