HIPC gives answer to recommendations

Thursday, May 5, 2005

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- The Holiday Island Planning Commission (HIPC) gave its answer Friday to a written set of recommendations submitted by several property owners for the conduct of its business.

The request followed a series of complaints by property owners about a recent decision of HIPC to allow a 2,400-square-foot metal storage building on a lot by itself on Deer Run Drive.

Property owners have made numerous written and verbal requests to HIPC for it to direct the owners to remove the building. HIPC has not yet responded to these requests.

Friday Chairman Joe Schuler handed out a letter responding to the recommendations. HIPC's response is as follows:

1. Provide written guidelines on building permits: Guidelines are available during HIPC meetings and at the developer's office after-hours.

2. Delay issuing building permits for two weeks and publication in the newspaper of same: present practice allows a minimum of one week on permits with unusual circumstances, and is satisfactory.

3. Advance meeting agenda available to all property owners: based on established procedures, "not practical."

4. Efforts made to insure a "high standard of architecture and construction": agreed.

5. "No fee" permits for construction that doesn't require a permit: present practice sufficient.

6. A copy of the building permit visible at the construction site: no.

7. No building allowed on a site that is larger than the original dwelling: to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

8. No future metal storage buildings or other large metal buildings: to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

9. Turn over all "nuisance" violations to the suburban improvement district (HISID) for enforcement: an "ongoing and evolving process" that may involve other entities "when deemed appropriate" by HIPC.

10. Building inspector not to sit as voting member of the board which employs him: no action needed.

11. Adhere to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA): HIPC is not subject to FOIA.

12. A committee composed of HISID to review the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws of HIPC and recommend changes: not required nor planned.

HIPC did not discuss the letter.

In other business, HIPC:

* Approved in the minutes a request by property owner Willard Nowlin to erect a 600-square-foot chainlink fence on his lot at 8025 Hillside Ave.

* Approved in the minutes a request by Jim Bowers to erect a 12-foot by 24-foot chainlink fence on his lot at 89 Sailboat Drive.

* Voted to deny a request by property owner John Boesche at the April 22 meeting to place a 12-foot by 20-foot shed on his property at 30 LaCosta Drive. The shed would be purchased used. After having made a site visit, commissioners noted the shed is not in good condition, would not be an enhancement to the neighborhood and would encroach on the setbacks.

* Heard Commissioner Frank Smith report back on being asked to look into five construction sites allegedly without trash containers. He said a private inspector had been hired to do so and that all five have trash containers.

* Received copies of the revised inspection report for the building inspector to fill out on each construction site.

* Agreed to the suburban improvement district's request to meet with the Board of Commissioners on a semi-regular basis to discuss common goals and concerns. A tentative meeting has been scheduled for Monday, June 13, at the HIPC office.

* Heard Building Inspector Red Perkins report that he has notified a builder he has three days to get a trash container to his construction site or the job will be shut down.

* Heard Smith say in reference to the same builder that construction of a basement with plumbing is being added to a garage and it is not in the approved building plans. Perkins said he had not yet informed the builder he must talk to HIPC.

The commission meets every Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. at its office in the Park Shopping Center at 1 Parkcliff Drive, Suite D. Business is conducted in this order: permit requests, permit extensions, and questions on permits will be handled first. Other business or discussions will be held until the foregoing is completed.

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