Letter to the Editor: Beau is outraged by clerk,CAPC

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

City Clerk Mary Jean Sell's column titled, "Beau needs to use honey, not venom, reveals more about her, the Times-Echo newspaper, and our city, than about me.

MJ begins her sentence about how she personally likes me, and my "very good ideas" then finishes with my "inability to express" myself other than "rude, crude and socially unacceptable."

She's a classic hypocrite who offers you honey and poison.

Through all her years with this newspaper, anyone who views city meetings, and then reads her reports, easily sees her lack of content, her misinformation, and her personal agenda woven into her weekly betrayal of our public trust.

It iz a 'sacred trust' that people must rely on journalists to expose the actions of government, at all levels and at all times.

Rust Communications did us, and themselves, a great disservice by buying their competition, rather than firing MJ Sell.

MJ Sell's failure az a news editor iz also reflected in her incompetence az a City Clerk.

Although she iz paid by the City 'and' the newspaper to attend and report on city council meetings, she haz continuously failed to timely provide the minutes from meeting to meeting.

She haz failed to update the City Minutes book, at all, for the past two years, and the official Book of City Ordinances shows nothing after 12-17-2002.

Even the list of City Ordinances on our website haz not been updated since 2002.

And, for that, she demanded a full time raise, and you can't fire her for two more years.

Historians will look back on her work az shallow and insipid.

Az someone who haz personally read thousands of issues of the Times-Echo and over a hundred years of city council minutes and city ordinances, I am outraged.

My outrage grows az I watch the continuing negligence of the City's A. & P. (City Advertising and Promotion) commission and their failure to adequately supervise the use of our marketing resources.

First, they dispensed with subcommittee meetings which iz good if the commission, az a whole, spends the time discussing those issues at length, but, then they dispensed with having a second meeting each month.

If you collect their agendas over the past two years, you'll discover that their most frequent topic under "new business" and "old business' iz "NONE."

But, it iz hard to know about their agendas since they no longer publish them in the newspapers, and they let them run on the public access channel for six weeks after the meeting and rarely ever before a meeting.

While changing meeting times at the drop of a hat, they've shown a preference for holding their meetings "off camera" at "their" convenience in the middle of the day.

If any citizen had the opportunity to watch their meetings, you would witness obviously uninformed people not asking pertinent questions, and ignoring any suggestions that would require any study or effort on their part.

Faced with the evidence of price gouging and fiscal negligence, they fall silent into the refuge of their humiliation.

MJ prefers 'honey' with her complicity, but their stupidity deserves only our outrage.

Beau Zar Satori

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