'Other' sports not slowing the start of basketball season

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Golf teams are making reservations for state golf matches, and volleyball teams are tuning up for the end-of-season district tournaments, with hopes of making it to state.

Football teams are more than halfway through their season and have an eye on the football playoffs that begin in November. And cross country teams are slogging away in good and bad weather as the Nov. 6 State meet creeps up.

So, what's the Eureka Springs basketball program doing while all this "other" stuff is going on. Why, getting ready to play next week, of course!

You heard it. Before the "other" fall sports even finish their seasons, the basketball season at non-football schools begins the week of Oct. 17-23. That means that Eureka Springs, Alpena, Omaha, Valley Springs and a host of "other" basketball crazy schools will be dribbling the ball instead of kicking, bumping, chipping or running with it.

The Eureka Springs Highlanders will travel to Omaha for their first action on Tuesday, Oct. 19, with the junior boys and two senior teams. They will have their first home game that same week on Friday, Oct. 22, when they host St. Joe for junior girls and the two senior teams.

Although it always seems to come around too quickly for me, what with all the other teams still playing, it couldn't come soon enough for the coaches and players at those schools.

They've been practicing since school started in August, and that's not counting all those summer camps, leagues, and clinics kids, coaches and teams go to.

There are at least eight or nine weeks of practice for those teams to survive before the five month season begins, so now they're ready to beat up on somebody other than their teammates.

It makes for a strange situation here in Carroll County. Green Forest is having a good season in football (6-0 after last weekend), so will probably go to the state playoffs. Basketball coaches usually wait to play until the football team gets eliminated ---- unless they keep winning. You've got to play those basketball games, as district games count and often can't be rescheduled. They can only wait so long.

Berryville, on the other hand, will wrap up their season with their traditional last game against Green Forest on Friday, Nov. 5. Any of their athletes that want to play can cross over, and their will be no conflict as the senior high doesn't play their first game until Thursday, Nov. 18, at Eureka Springs.

Course, by that time Eureka Springs will have seven or eight games under its belt. The Highlanders also have superior height this season. Try 6-7, 6-6, 6-5, and some other little ole 6-2 players to fill in with.

Yes, the schedule is full until Thanksgiving, when basketball will be the only game in town.

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