Island Rec Center refurbishing gets okay

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Approval was given to a revised list of recreation center improvements, and bids for the project were waived as a sole source item due to the special nature of putting a new surface on the tennis and sports courts, when Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District commissioners met in special session Friday afternoon.

Along with finding only one vendor to do the resurfacing work, commissioners were cautioned that if they proceeded with bidding the work, the project might not get under way until January, while the Springfield, Mo.,-based vendor could get started before the end of October.

Commissioners expressed some concern about the fairness of the estimated $22,200 for the tennis courts and $6,860 for resurfacing the remaining sports courts.

Resident Jerry Perry said he was a long-time acquaintance of the vendor and assured the commission that the cost would be fair and the work of good quality.

The project is part of a proposal brought back to the commission by District Manager Kevin Crosson after commissioners decided to pursue a second option for rec center improvements using $100,273 in funds remaining in the rec center's 2004 budgets.

Projected cost of the project is $101,300. It includes removal of tennis court light poles and repair of fencing on the east and west sides of the courts, replacement of an air-conditioning unit at The Barn, replacement of fencing at The Barn, pavilion maintenance, and demolition of rest rooms and ramps at the rec center.

The demolition work is part of re-doing rest rooms and other improvements at the rec center, which is to be accomplished in early 2005. Doing the work this year will accelerate the reconstruction work.

The commissioners also approved payment of approximately $2,000 for architect's services in connection with the project, which is not part of the projected $101,300 cost.

A similar bidding scenario was revealed regarding construction of rest rooms at the marina, due to the lack of local sub-contractor, most likely due to the building boom taking place in the community.

The commission voted to go out for bids on that project. Marina bathrooms are estimated to cost between $20,000 and $30,000, "hopefully," according to Crosson.

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