Commissioners agree to Rec Center improvements

Thursday, September 30, 2004
Not even and engineer -- Holiday Island Board of Commissioners Secretary (and ex-engineer) Dick Lytle fiddles with the Board's tape recorder prior to the start of the special meeting Sept. 15. He had trouble getting it to work at Monday night's business meeting, also. District Manager Kevin Crosson said he is looking at having a company come in to evaluate the district's equipment. A publc address system may replace the faulty tape recorder. This is the second machine that has given the commission trouble. CCN / Kathryn Lucariello

It took two hours Monday night to hash out an agreement on which, if any, improvements should be made to the Holiday Island Recreation Center, but in the end the Board of Commissioners gave the nod to Option #2 as presented by Morrison Architecture.

At the Sept. 20 work session, Charles and Laura Morrison presented a preliminary plan for improving and upgrading the Rec Center complex. Their main focus was the restroom facilities, which are in great need of repair and are not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

Option #1, presented Monday night has the district spending $175,000-$207,500 in 2004 to demolish and renovate the restrooms, reuse and paint existing lockers and replace toilet partitions and flooring.

Renovation of the building's main entry, with ADA ramps, is pushed to 2005 and is budgeted to cost $17,250-22,250.

Option #2 has demolition of the restrooms and renovation of the main entry, at a cost of between $37,250-47,250 this year.

Restroom renovation would be accomplished next year, at a cost of between $150,000 and $182,500.

Commissioner Ken Mills, and to some extent, Chairman Boyce Williams, argued at length for delaying restroom improvements. Mills wants to see tennis court and pool deck resurfacing.

They said they are concerned about next year's budget, with major decisions about the wastewater treatment plant project and other high-dollar capital projects to be made.

Williams asked for District Manager Kevin Crosson's recommendations.

Crosson acknowledged the tough budget decisions facing the commission for next year. He said the district will have to look at a revolving loan, with debt service of between $175,000-$225,000 a year, or private financing for the wastewater treatment plant.

But he strongly recommended moving ahead with the Rec Center restroom improvements.

"I see the Rec Center as one of the most important things you can do for the future of Holiday Island," he said. "People are retiring younger, and it's not necessarily the golf course that will draw them."

Attendees in the audience agreed and urged the commission to go ahead with the improvements.

The commission approved Option #2, but charged Crosson with shifting some of the projects to an earlier time frame.

The commission also approved awarding a contract to BWI Companies, Inc. for grass seed for the golf course overseeding program. The quote is one of three obtained, and is for Futura rye grass.

The next district meetings will be a work session on Oct. 18 and a business meeting on Oct. 25, both at 9 a.m.

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