Medford and Grudek face off for sheriff

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Republican Bob Grudek will face incumbent Democratic Sheriff Chuck Medford in the general election Nov. 2, after a decisive victory over Republican Randy Janes in the sheriff's runoff election Tuesday.

Only 909 voters made it to the polls for the Republican runoff, which which was held because none of the three Republican sheriff's candidates won more than 50 percent of the vote in the June 11 primary.

Grudek won a total of 881 votes, for 64 percent of the vote. Janes won 397 total votes.

The numbers don't add up properly because one voter punched the ticket for both candidates.

Grudek, a former postal inspector and fraud investigator, did well in the Eureka Springs area, which included all of Holiday Island and the lake and rural western district areas. Former deputy and local businessman Randy Janes lost his second bid for sheriff.

Grudek won 277 votes in the Eureka Springs area, and Janes took only 93 votes in that area.

Grudek won in all three areas of the county, except the absentee races, with Janes taking 11 votes to Grudek's 9 ballots.

Grudek took the Berryville area, 141 to 136, and also scored a win in the Green Forest area, winning 73 votes to Janes'55.

Early voters also favored Grudek, 81 to 32.

Janes could not be reached for comment as of press time, but Grudek said he plans to hit the road and "get right back to work, concentrating his campaign promises of access and accountability."

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