Census of Agriculture provides snapshot of farm-related activies in Carroll County

Thursday, June 17, 2004

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created a snapshot of Carroll County farming with the release earlier this month of the 2002 Census of Agriculture -- the most comprehensive source of statistics portraying the nation's agriculture.

The summary, which includes data on every county in every state of the nation, is produced every five years.

Interesting facts about Carroll County agriculture, based on the census report:

  • There are 1,089 farms covering 268,833 acres, with the average-sized farm comprised of 247 acres.

  • The average value for a farm and its buildings was $424,222, and the average value of a Carroll County farmer's machinery was listed at $44,577.

  • The average value of an acre of Carroll County farmland in 2002 was put at $1,670.

  • Carroll farmers harvested 108,734 tons of hay from 47,133 acres of pasture, and total pastureland was counted at 111,793.

  • On 863 Carroll County farms, there were 74, 989 cattle and calves.

  • Only 22 farms were in active milk production, with a census of 1,506 milk cows. That figure was down from 55 dairies with 2,917 milk cows in 1997.

  • Thirty-nine farms had 885,903 laying hens 20 weeks old or older.

  • One hundred seventy farms produced 47,248,714 broilers for market, up 6 million from 1997.

  • Forty-one farms produced 4,925,965 turkeys in 2002.

  • Total market value for all agricultural products produced in Carroll County was $157,581,000 in 2002.

    The state-wide 2002 Census of Agriculture counted 47,483 farms with $4.95 billion of agricultural products sold, and total farm production expenses of $3.90 billion. The average age of Arkansas farmers was 54.9 years, with 57.7 percent reporting farming as their primary occupation.

    Women accounted for 10.2 percent of the principal operators in Arkansas, with 60.2 percent reporting farming as their primary occupation.

    The 2002 Census of Agriculture data tables for Arkansas and the U.S. are available online at www.usda.gov/ nass/ar/ by clicking on "Census of Agriculture."

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