Highlander soccer players not afraid to take on bigger schools

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Eureka Springs soccer player Addie German, No. 6, mixed it up with the Clarksville team and showed she has no fear when it comes to contact. German is the only girl on the Highlander team, which has improved its play, and record, a lot this season. CCN/David McNeal

Coach Bill Featherstone reported on four soccer games the Eureka Springs Highlander team has played since March 26, with the team getting one win and a tie during that stretch.

Eureka's record on the season is now 3-4-1, with a win and a tie against 3A schools, and losses against one 3A school and three 4A schools.

Coach Featherstone said the team has accomplished that in spite of the fact that it has not had all 11 starters present for a single game this year.

In fact, he said most games have been played with two or three starters missing, and one game without four starters. Two starters were missing from the Subiaco game.

Here's what coach had to say about each outing.


The Bulldogs are a 4A team, and were leading 4-0 at halftime. Eureka's Justin Smith scored in the second half on a blistering power shot to the corner of the net from well outside the penalty box, but the team still lost 8-1.

Coach Featherstone said the Greenwood coach complimented Smith on the shot, saying, "That was one of the finest goals I've seen by your kid."


Andrew McClung scored against the 4A Panthers in the first half, but the team was down 3-1 at halftime, and took a 6-1 loss. McClung's goal was big, as it helped the Highlanders avoid what would have been their first shutout.


The Highlanders rolled in this one, leading 3-1 at halftime on the way to a 7-4 victory that was never in doubt.

Coach Featherstone said the final score was not indicative of how close the game wasn't.

Scoring goals were Andrew McClung, Andy Brown-Hebert (2, 1 Penalty kick), Barrett Featherstone (2), Addie German (PK), and Justin Smith (PK).

Coach said highlights included Hebert scoring on a header from a throw-in from Justin; Featherstone scoring quickly from a booming punt by goalkeeper Tim Watson; German scoring her first goal ever on a penalty kick after being pushed down in the penalty box.

German played the entire game and got much-deserved kudos from the entire team and coaches for her fierce play against an all-boys team.


The 3A Trojans were up 2-0 at halftime, but the Highlanders came back to tie the game at 2-2 in the second half

Coach said the score was 0-0 with three minutes left in the half when Subiaco was awarded a questionable penalty kick on what the assistant ref called a push-down.

In reality, Featherstone said it was a kid slipping down on a wet spot in the field. The Trojans penalty kick was good, and with less than a minute left in the half, Eureka, still shell-shocked after the poor call, allowed a very fast and skilled Trojan mid-fielder to dribble the ball all the way from the halfway line, which resulted in a nice goal.

Midway through the second half, Eureka was awarded a penalty kick, but Justin Smith was unsuccessful on a nice anticipation by the Subiaco keeper. The ball went out-of-bounds, and Smith quickly retrieved the ball and made a throw-in over an aggressive keeper's head, which Featherstone chested into the goal.

Eureka's second score came minutes later when a ball was played through to Andrew McClung on the left side, which he quickly bombed into the net to tie the game at 2-2.

Coach said Subiaco had more shots on goal, as they were very fast up front, but Eureka fought valiantly the entire 80 minutes, never giving up, and got a nice result against a team that easily beat them last year.

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