HIPC approves expanded permits without fees

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

The Holiday Island Planning Commission (HIPC) approved two changes to permits Friday without charging fees.

Builder Jim Duffy requested an expansion of his plan to build a home for Gary and Eileen Cox at 5 Mission Hills Lane. The Coxes want to add a 12-foot by 14-foot screened porch to the back of the house. The porch will not have heating and air.

Duffy said the roof has not been put on the house yet. The porch will add to the footprint of the original plan. When a permit is issued, fees are based on the square footage of the plan.

Commissioners discussed how to treat the request -- as an addition or a remodel. But they noted it fits neither category as the house is not finished yet and the roof is not on and it is still under the original permit.

HIPC approved allowing the changed permit without a fee. The porch was drawn in on the plans.

Builder Scott Worley also requested a change in his plans for a house he is building at 7 Indian Wells Drive. He said he wants to add an extension over the entryway to the house.

Worley had originally received a 6-foot variance on the front setback; the extension will require an additional 3 feet. Worley said the roof trusses are up, but the roof is not on.

While the front of the house will lie in a plane with the house next to it, the tailings will extend 3 feet beyond. Building Inspector Red Perkins said he wanted to look at it after the meeting.

HIPC approved the change in plans, again without a fee, if Perkins approves the design.

HIPC also approved a plan for Chairman Joe Schuler to enclose a pergola at his home at 14 Fairway Drive. It was determined he does not need a remodel permit, but even if he did, noted Perkins, it has always been a policy of the board that commissioners volunteering to serve on the board have permit fees waived as a courtesy in consideration of their service.

In other business, HIPC:

  • Approved a security light for Kenneth Littlefield at 43 Venus Ave.

  • Approved a deck extension for Bob Rizman at 75 Venus Ave. The deck will not be enclosed or require any utilities; a permit is therefore not needed.

  • Directed Perkins to talk with builder Chuck Baer about possible drainage problems at 45 South Hills Loop on a home he is building.

  • Heard Perkins say he will distribute pamphlets to plumbers about putting gravel beds under irrigation standpipes for lawn watering to prevent backflow into the district's water system.

  • Heard Commissioner Kevin Crosson report on a call from a property owner on Thomas Circle West. Tenants have left a home and allegedly cut down trees and left them and other refuse scattered on the property. Commissioners will give the property owner a month to take care of problems before sending her a letter.

  • Heard Crosson report he had been contacted by the owner of a daycare business after reading a previous article including a discussion about her business. She informed him she had received permission from HIPC four years ago. Crosson confirmed this was true from the minutes of that meeting and said he had informed her there had been no complaint about her business. HIPC will take no action on the matter.

  • Crosson reported he received a complaint about stacks of wood stored at 20 Mercury Lane. A trailer at the location is reportedly uninhabited. Perkins and other commissioners will look at the site.

  • Directed Perkins to contact owners of a dog on Skyview Lane that is allegedly eating and strewing garbage around from neighbors who are leaving bags out instead of in a trash can.

    The commission meets every Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the Park next to Wade Williams' office at Holiday Island. Requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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