Letter to the editori -- Junior Rowe gets a very special Christmas present

Friday, January 2, 2004

Dear Editor, Wow! What an unforgettable holiday for a WWII veteran. My Grandfather is a veteran of the big war. He enlisted in the war when he was a Senior at Berryville High School. He never did receive his diploma....until this Christmas.

I remember at my sister's graduation a young man had received countless awards for his great grades and I saw how my grandfather was so overcome with emotion. Then it hit me. He never received his diploma. I thought how great it would be if he and others like him could receive theirs too. After all don't we kind of owe it to them?

What a difference a decade makes.

My father had heard about the new resolution granting veterans of this war their diplomas if they met their requirements. My grandfather met all the requirements and my dad applied for it from Berryville High School. My grandfather unknowingly thought that he was receiving the usual Christmas gift; much to his surprise and tears it was that oh so significant piece of paper that took fifty plus years to get.

So many veterans gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. Maybe freedom shouldn't be called freedom. I think it should be called bloodandgutsdom or bloodsweatandtearsdom. Our freedoms didn't come cheap. Many men and women have lost their young adulthood and many have lost their lives. I thank God for these people. If it were not for them and the grace of God we would all have a different outlook on this world.

Mr. editor, I challenge all of your readers who know of veterans that didn't receive their diplomas to apply for it for them. Don't leave it up to them.

They have already sacrificed so much, it is the least we can do for them.

So if you happen to see my grandpa, Junior Rowe, out and about, give him your congratulations. I know it would just tickle him so.

God bless America and our soldiers past and PRESENT,

Roxanne Flippo

Green Forest

Dear Ms. Flippo and readers: The story of Junior Rowe's long-overdue diploma will appear in this Friday's Carroll County News Weekend Edition.

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