Tigers take shot at Omaha Eagles, but miss

Monday, December 1, 2003

Three Green Forest Tiger teams traveled to Omaha to give it their best shot against the Eagles, but all three came up dry as the hosts earned a victory in all three games.

Coach Mike Hampton's senior boys played better and stayed close, but lost 65-54. His junior boys missed shots inside and fell 39-25. Coach Jim Goins' senior girls were shorthanded with two out due to illness and lost 56-27.


The senior Tigers teams will play in the annual Thanksgiving tournament this weekend, with the senior girls tipping off at 11 a.m. Saturday against Lead Hill, and the senor boys at 8:30 p.m. that night against host Omaha.


Green Forest vs. Omaha

6-15, 19-32, 27-42, 54-65

Omaha ran a full court press, then dropped back into a 1-3-1 zone, causing offensive problems for Green Forest (0-3).

"We were 35 percent on 3-pointers, 45 percent on field goals, and 50 percent on free throws, but we had 29 turnovers," Coach Hampton said. "That was the story of the game. The guys off the bench played good ---- Guy Joubert, Cody Demeyer, and Matt Russell."

The Tigers got a good night out of senior Jordan Dudley, who scored 20, and had four rebounds, two steals, and a block. Demeyer also hit double digits with 10, and Joubert had six rebounds.

Omaha's Bushnay racked up 17 points, and when the Tigers concentrated on him the last quarter, it opened up for teammate Chaney, who scored 19 in the fourth quarter, 28 for the night.

Scoring- GF- Dudley- 20, 4R, 2S, 1B; Demeyer- 10; Caleb Ruff- 8; Brett Conner- 7, 8R; Aaron Fitchue- 4; Billy Shaw- 3; Rafael Arciga- 2. OM- Chaney- 28; Bushnay- 17.


4-17, 12-29, 20-45, 27-56

The Lady Tiger squad (0-4) wasn't large to begin with, so when senior point guard Terri Tidyman and sophomore post Courtney McGehee missed the game due to illness, it left the team shorthanded.

"Omaha played a 2-3 zone, spread it out and invited you in, then their big girl, Arnold, would slap it out," Coach Goins said. "It was a halfcourt game. We got some good shots, but were 9 of 55 on field goals. We just can't seem to put everything together. We did rebound well, on defensive rebounds, and made 8 of 14 free throws, so we climbed above 50 percent there."

Goins said he used Crystal Trask and Phylicia Shelton at the point guard position, and that they "did a good job."

Scoring- GF- Summer Williamson- 7, 6R; Shelton- 6; LaRae Jones- 5, 6R; Nicki Kilbourn- 5; Haley Roney- 4, 5R. OM- Arnold- 13.


3-10, 14-16, 18-32, 25-39

"Omaha pressed about half the time, then dropped back into a 2-3 zone," Coach Hampton said. "We got the ball inside to our big guys, but they missed the shots. They just couldn't make them, then we didn't stop their inside people on defense. We work on that hard in practice with our posts, but the game is fast enough that they can't hit."

Coach Hampton has been playing a lot of eighth-graders, and he said they did a good job. The team is now 0-5.

Scoring- GF- Lucas Graham- 6; 4's- Josh Dudley, Justin Reece; Jacob Wallace- 3; 2's- Matt McCoy, Bobby Duncan, Kyle Kleffman; 1's- John Asbury, Nathan Knight.

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