Bible Code II: more uncanny predictions

Monday, December 1, 2003

How much credence to give to this, Drosnin's second volume concerning messages uncovered by computer "between the lines" within the original language of the Bible?

For the Christian, Drosnin's story of mystery and intrigue against remarkable odds is probably beside the point. Still, one has to wonder if he and scholar Eliyahu Rips have truly uncovered messages sent across time 4,000 years ago.

Author Drosnin states that he is in no way religious. A journalist, he prides himself on uncovering facts. He is convinced some intelligent being has coded messages in the original language of the first five books of the Bible, which foretell events taking place today,

The findings described, like those of Sir Isaac Newton's, fly in the face of today's science.

Essentially, Rips took the original words of the Torah, removing the spaces between the words, and programmed a double blind experiment, using a computer to "spin" the run-on words and sentences in a variety of lengths, perhaps as few as a dozen characters wide, and others perhaps 1,000 wide.

With data from an independent expert, he first discovered a list of Hebrew names of 32 sages whose dates of birth and death match fact. The odds of that, Rips says, is 1 in 1 million.

As the scientific community challenged Rips' findings, the math, computer science and outcome held up. Drosnin reports that a senior code-breaker at the U.S, National Security Agency, Harold Gans, replicated the experiment, looking for new information, and found the names of the sites where the same sages were born and died ---- and encoded in the same place in the Bible.

Testing using War and Peace and Moby Dick produced no similar results.

Drosnin reports a number of uncanny predictions found in the ancient biblical text: the assassination of John F. Kennedy; aircraft attacks on the Twin Towers, linked with Bin Laden's name; damage to the Pentagon; Rips' own discovery of the Bible Code; the impeachment of President Clinton, and his hidden secret maiden; the sabotage of the Temple Mount during the 2000 Camp David Peace Talks; the election of Ariel Sharon as prime minister on Feb. 6, 2001; the election of a "second Bush" in 2000, along with Gore's popular vote and a judge's ruling in the matter; economic crisis in 2002 and 1929; and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

Those findings are remarkable. But what is truly disturbing is what appears to be prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled, such as: World War in 2006, with an atomic holocaust; a code key on obelisks on the shores of the Dead Sea, where DNA first appeared on earth; a shooting of Yassir Arafat; a plague, smallpox, in Israel that kills 14,700 people; and a missile strike in New York in 2004.

Most all of the latter prophecies are also encoded with "end of days" or similar terms, Drosnin reports.

Tone of Bible Code II is almost paranoid. Certainly the writer is obsessed with the story. As a read, the story is fantastic, almost beyond belief, were it not for the news that has been reported. It makes one wonder about the truth of prophecies in the code which have not yet happened.

The latter part of the book describes Drosnin's foiled attempts to communicate his discoveries with world leaders, ranging from Bush to Sharon. He reports he did successfully meet with Arafat, who takes the predictions very seriously.

Time will tell the truth of Bible Code II. Meanwhile, we have an interesting read.

Bible Code II: The Countdown; Michael Drosnin; 292 pages with numerous code graphics and index; available in hardbound; paperback, $15; Penguin Books.

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