Indonesia is topic of Island program

Monday, November 24, 2003

The Ladies Fellowship of the Holiday Island Community Church held its regular monthly meeting on Nov. 17 at the church building on Stateline Drive.

Earline Branum introduced Marquis Jones, who presented the program. After retiring, Jones worked as a consultant for his former company. Part of the work consisted of spending four and one-half months in Asia teaching management techniques to persons associated with his former company. Four months of that time was spent in Indonesia.

Jones gave an interesting, entertaining, and sometimes amusing slide show of life in Indonesia, a county encompassing more that 1,500 islands, with approximately 700 of those islands populated.

The early Dutch influence is still seen in this country where rice is the main crop. The industrious people do most of the work by hand. There are more active volcanoes in Indonesia than any other county in the world.

Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia. About 90 percent of the population is Muslim, giving Indonesia the largest Muslim population in the world. The people of the island of Bali are mostly Hindu.

Jones reported seeing only one Christian church in the time he was there. He found the people to be great, friendly and happy despite living under a corrupt government. They seem to accept corruption as a way of life. It has always been that way and always will be.

At the end of the slide show, audience members were invited up to ask questions and to enjoy the beautiful display of art objects and silk batik fabrics from Indonesia.

Thirty-one members and guests gathered around tables, decorated with fabric pumpkins in miniature pots, for fellowship and refreshments. Refreshments were served by Earline Branum, creator of the table decorations, and Ellen Cook, Betty Dale, Linda Keith, Eula Jean McKee, Jo Russell, and Georgina Thrasher.

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