Highlanders electrifying at Watts

Monday, September 15, 2003
The Eureka Springs junior high girls placed second at the Watts, Okla., meet on Tuesday. Contributed photo

The Eureka Springs Highlander cross country teams opened their season at Watts, Okla., just over the line from Siloam Springs on Tuesday, and had strong efforts from all four teams, which involved 30 athletes.

Coach Hassell Bell reported that both junior high teams finished second in a field that included 4-A and 5-A teams, that the senior girls were third, and the senior boys sixth.

"I was tickled," Coach Bell said. "I'm comfortable where we're at right now. The season is off to a good start."

There were a number of electrifying individual results, including Junior Highlanders Kimberly Peek and Wes Prado winning their races.

Peek won the junior girls' 1.5-mile race in 10:08, with Prado winning the junior boys' 1.5-mile race in 9:04. The first 15 places medaled, with Callie Smith 7th (11.89), and Casey Henderson 14th (12.17) for the junior girls.

Junior boys that medaled included Jordan Parsons in 7th (9:53), and Nathan Drebenstadt 13th (10:34).

Top 20 medaled in senior high, with Erika Wardlaw finishing 4th in 14:47, and Becca Wallis 7th in 16:05 in the senior girls' 2-mile race.

Phillip Peek was the lone senior boy medaling, taking 17th place in 21:36 in a tough 5K (3.1-miles).

"The senior boys and girls just have to apply themselves to their goals," Coach Bell said. "The senior girls were third behind Coach Bill Ward's Siloam Springs team, and the senior boys were sixth.

"In the junior girls, Elkins won and we were second, and there were 104 girls in that race. In junior boys, Oakdale from Rogers won."

A number of basketball players were doing double duty, with Coach Bell saying "the freshmen boys did good."


Jr. Girls- 1st- Kimberly Peek- 10:08; 7th- Callie Smith- 11:89; 14th- Casey Henderson- 12:17; 17th- Alta Johnson- 12:25; Shelly Sebby- 14:10; Jane Soriano- 14:15; Dani Platt- 17:04.

Jr. Boys- 1st- Wes Prado- 9:04; 7th- Jordan Parsons- 9:53; 13th- Nathan Drebenstadt- 10:343; Chris Eiler- 11:29; Ryan Harp- 12:46; Cody Lehr- 13:02; Tyler McBride- 13:08; John Overman- 13:05; Keith Westphal- 13:31; Greg Watson- 17:26.

Sr. Girls- 4th- Erika Wardlaw- 14:47; 7th- Becca Wallis- 16:05; Ashley Smith- 16:50; Ashley Knapp- 16:56; Brianna Freeman- 16:57; Nicole Base- 17:18.

Sr. Boys- 17th- Phillip Peek- 21:36; Ryan Murphy- 23:40; Junior Mullins- 23:42; Jake Seymour- 27:35; Paul Sebby- 27:36; Tim Watson- 28:19.

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