Duck abductions are thinning the flock at George Pond

Friday, August 29, 2003

BERRYVILLE ---- A dozen or more ducks are in danger of abduction and mutilation, all at the hands of people who stop by George Pond in the heart of Berryville.

Animal Control Officer Gay Lynn Easter says several ducks have been abducted by people who lure the critters into their confidence by offering tidbits of food.

Easter says she gets her information from several neighbor ladies who watch out for their feathered friends. She said they have reported the abductions, but weren't able to get vehicle license numbers.

"On two occasions, the neighborhood ladies have witnessed people feeding the ducks and throwing them in their vehicle," said Easter. "In one instance it was a car, the other was a pickup."

Easter says the ducks are for the community's enjoyment and should be left alone to live at the pond.

The mutilations, she said, are unintentional but painful for the birds.

Easter recently took two ducks to a veterinarian for treatment of injuries.

"A white duck had a fishing line dug deep in her leg that required a vet to remove it," she explained. "The other had a fishing hook lodged in the top of his foot. People need to be conscientious about their line and hooks."

Easter said she has spoken to kids that come by the pond to remind them about the dangers that fishing line and hooks can pose.

She also asks that everyone be "vigilant and conscientious" for the sake of the ducks, so that they might be enjoyed by visitors now and in the years ahead.

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