Football All Stars survive scorching summer sun

Monday, July 21, 2003
All Star Youth Football camp -- The Berryville Bobcat coaching staff held a football skills camp for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders Monday through Wednesday at the practice field. Above, campers show off their bobblehead football trophies, won in a variety of contests. CCN/David McNeal

The Bobcat football coaching staff hosted an All Star Youth Football Camp July 14-16 for next year's fourth, fifth, and sixth graders, with 27 young athletes attending.

Razorbacks Tony Bua and Bo Lacy assisted at the camp on Tuesday, along with Clint Scheel, a former UCA Bear. Bua played linebacker for Coach Houston Nutt last year, but may be in the safety spot this season. Lacy returns as a senior left tackle on offense.

Senior high Bobcats that helped with the camp included Elliott Ginn and Steven Trulove each day, and Jonathan Powell, Chance Robbins, Lance Wright, and Joesph Harris.

On the last day of camp on Wednesday, Coaches Owen Powell, Barry Hardin, John Ed Goodman, Ben Lairamore, Doug Scheel and trainer Jay Bullock presented the following awards:

7-on-7 Champs

Bradley Bullock, John Howerton, Eric Holman, Jackson Goodman, Alex Ledezma, and Drew Fry.

Punt, Pass, Kick

4th Grade

Pass- Taylor Judy

Punt- Ben Hale

Kick- Peyton Crissup

5th Grade

Pass- John Howerton

Punt- Justin Goins

Kick- Caleb Jordan

6th Grade

Pass- Eric Holman

Punt- Ryan Nance

Kick- Bryce Brandt

Shuttle, Throw, Sprint

4th Grade

40-yd. dash- Drew Fry

Shuttle run- Peyton Crissup

Dummy throw- Ben Hale

5th Grade

40-yd. dash- Eric Holman

Shuttle run- Dylan Allen

Dummy throw- Brice Brandt

6th Grade

40-yd. dash- John Howerton

Shuttle run- Andy McCanless

Dummy throw- Tye Masters

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