BV campers take trophies

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Two boys' teams from the Berryville Junior High School competed in the Huntsville Eagle basketball camp last week, with both teams finishing second to their hosts in the eighth- and ninth-grade divisions in team competition.

In eighth-grade team action, Cody Curtis, Ismal Mojica, Brent Henson, Will Marley, and Nathan Mahan beat Kingston 41-11 to meet Huntsville in the team finals, with Huntsville winning the title, 23-20.

In ninth-grade action, Cody Neal, Bradley Newberry, Geoffrey West, Stevin Williams, Doug Marley, and Jared Wolfinbarger beat a Kingston team by one point to advance to the finals, then lost to Huntsville 28-18.

Teams from Berryville, Eureka Springs, Huntsville, Kingston, and Elkins competed at the camp, with Coaches Tracy Jones and Sheila Neal directing the Bobcats.

The Junior Bobcats racked up a number of individual awards presented for the individual skill contests held during the week, and some individual honors, including the following:

Obstacle Course

9th- Cody Neal- 2nd- 27.57.

8th- Will Marley- 1st- 29.46; 2nd- Cody Curtis- 29.61.

Hot Shot Finalists

Cody Curtis, Will Marley, Nathan Mahan, Bradley Newberry, Jared Wolfinbarger.

8th- Cody Curtis- 1st place.

Free Throw Finalists

Cody Curtis, Will Marley, Bradley Newberry, Geoff West.

8th- Cody Curtis- 1st place.

3-on-3 Contest

2nd place- Brett Henson, Josh Fox, Dustin Todd.

Camper Awards

9th Grade- Most Improved- Stevin Williams; Spirit Award- Doug Marley.

8th Grade- Offensive Player- Cody Curtis; Most Improved- Will Marley; Hustle Award- Ismal Mojica.

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