Same house is site of two unrelated arrests on same day

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Two people were arrested Thursday evening in a methamphetamine raid on County Road 608 off of Cisco Road, according to Sheriff Chuck Medford.

In an odd twist to the case, two more men were arrested later in the evening after a high-speed pursuit by Berryville police which resulted in an unrelated suspect fleeing through the fields to the exact house that had been raided earlier on the drug charges.

In the first incident, Sheriff Medford said, "One of our narcotics officers determined there was possible illegal activity at the residence at 801 CR 608, and parole-probation officers Chuck Matzenbacher and Terry Maddox visited the home and were given written consent to search by probationer Clifford Dale Hamilton, 45, who lives at the address.

Finding the home cluttered and full of items, the probation officers called in the sheriff's office canine unit at about 5 p.m. to search for suspected drugs, after they allegedly saw what they believed to be drug-related paraphernalia.

As a result of the search by sheriff's deputies and aid from Green Forest Police K-9 unit officer Tommy Hayden, his drug dog Li'l Bud allegedly found an ounce or more of methamphetamine, a pound of processed marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Medford said the search also produced $5,580 in cash at the residence, which was also occupied by Stephanie Howerton, 42, of the same address.

Both Hamilton and Stephanie Howerton were charged with possession of a controlled substance (meth) with intent to deliver, and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Hamilton was also charged with probation violation and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Also recovered were surveillance cameras, monitors a police scanner, and a knife, among other items, Medford said.

Medford said no methamphetamine manufacturing lab components were found at the residence.

In a related matter in the case several hours later, Berryville police officers Sgt. Shannon Pearson and Officer Kevin Disheroon spotted Cory Lynn Howerton, 28, of Eureka Springs, on Amanda Street in Berryville, and attempted to stop him because of an alleged violation of a protection order.

Sgt. Randy Haven said Friday morning that the pursuit began about 10:51 Friday night, from Amanda Street to Hailey Road and out CR 601 (Cisco Road) and into the country near CR 608, where two suspects abruptly stopped the vehicle and fled on foot through the fields.

Disheroon subdued Eugene Oscar Aguirre III, 23, of Berryville, and took him into custody. Pearson chased Cory Howerton into the woods toward CR 608, and requested the sheriff's K-9 Kujo, handled by deputy Jason Hunt. Kujo was leading deputies and police toward the house where the drug bust occurred earlier, and officers found signs of breaking and entering, Medford said.

Cory Howerton was arrested and charged with residential burglary, resisting arrest, and an unrelated warrant. Berryville police charged Howerton with felony fleeing, violation of a protection order, misdemeanor fleeing and careless and imprudent driving.

Medford said that when Howerton was arrested at the site of the earlier meth bust, "He was wearing a coat our officers had seen in the home earlier, and carrying the police scanner."

Hamilton and Stephanie Howerton were released on $25,000 bond each.

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