Green Forest to open in-town animal control office next to city's recycling center

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

GREEN FOREST ---- A move is under way to create an animal control office where pups and kitties can be contained in a building, located in the heart of Green Forest.

Police Chief John Bailey, animal control officer Gay Lynn Easter and trustys from the Carroll County Jail have been working on the project.

They are remodeling an office next to the recycling center to make way for animal cages and animal care.

A closet and shelves have been built, the carpet removed, and carpet glue chipped off the concrete floor in preparation for painting.

Bailey said a painted concrete floor will make it easier to keep the facility clean.

According to Bailey, the facility will accommodate a few cats and kittens, plus offer temporary housing for pups and small dogs.

The dog pound at the Green Forest wastewater treatment plant will continue to operate as it has in the past, he said, providing long-term care for dogs.

Also, the holding pens behind the police department will continue to be utilized as an exercise yard for pups kept in the new facility, and as a place for police officers to place dogs that they pick up.

Bailey said he expects the new facility to be operational in the next two weeks.

"This is our first year with a shared animal control officer and we're trying to find out what works best," he said.

"This new facility will be more convenient," he continued. "People can come here to adopt an animal or claim their pet."

He expects the cost of the renovation to be less than $500. All monies will come out of animal control and community service budgets, he said.

Future plans include a call for volunteers to man the facility when Easter is out of the office on animal control business.

"We'd like volunteers to man the office," Bailey stated. "That's our long range goal."

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