Jr. Bobcats District Track Champs! -- Mary Howze earns High Point honors

Friday, May 2, 2003
Berryville's Mary Howze, seen here starting the 100m dash, scored 32 points by herself at the 1AAA District Track Meet in Gentry on Monday, earning her High Point honors. Both the Bobcat junior high boys' and girls' teams won! Photo by David Bell

The Berryville Junior High boys' and girls' track teams won their divisions of the 1AAA District Track Meet convincingly on Monday in Gentry.

It broke a three-year drought for the girls, according to Coach Ken Krumwiede, who said the girls were second the last two years, and third the year before that.

"They really did well, and had a total team effort," Krumwiede said.

The junior boys won big, 148 to 115 over second-place Shiloh Christian, with Coach Ben Lairamore saying, "The team effort was tremendous. I am extremely proud of every kid that participated. We've won district eight times in a row now."

The Green Forest Tiger teams both finished fourth, with Coach Claude Whited saying, "The boys had a real good effort, we just don't have any sprint points or much in the field events. I was really pleased to finish in the top half. Shiloh Christian was a surprise. They took a lot of points away."


Boys- 1- Berryville- 149; 2- Shiloh Christian- 115; 3- Prairie Grove- 57; 4- Green Forest- 51; 5- Farmington- 26; 6- Gravette- 18; 7- Gentry- 15; 8- Lincoln- 2.

Girls- 1- Berryville- 140; 2- Gentry- 85; 3- Prairie Grove- 49; 4- Green Forest- 45; 5- Farmington- 44; 6- Gravette- 34; 7- Shiloh Christian- 20-1/2; Lincoln- 12.


Lady Bobcat Mary Howze earned High Point honors, scoring 32 points by herself. She won the pole vault at 7-6, setting a new district record, tied for second in the high jump, was third in the 100m and 200m dashes, and ran legs on the 400m and 1600m relay teams that finished third.



Junior Girls

Berryville- Courtney Moore set a new district record in the 400m dash in 63.49, also a personal best for the eighth-grader, and Emily Bell won the shot and set a new district record at 38-1.

Bell also tried the 100m dash and was sixth in 14.5, and was second in the discus at 95-0, well below her best of 107-0.

Kayla Grigg was second in the pole vault and also broke the record, going the same height as Howze, but took second as she had more misses.

The 3200m relay team won in 11:30, with Melissa Koerber, Kristen Jarvis, Hayley Ellis, and Tamara Phillips running, and the girls went 1-2-4 in the high jump.

Katie Tennant won at 4-6, Howze was second at 4-4, and Acacia Newell was fourth, also at 4-4.

Green Forest- Coach Mike Gotcher said eight-grader Danielle Camper won the 100m dash in 13.7, and was second in the 400m dash in 64.5. She also ran on the 1600m and 400m relay teams.

Seventh-grader Kamara Hoppe was second in the long jump at 14-6, and fifth in the 400m dash in 67.0.

The 1600m relay team of Casey Barinsky, Chelsea Leathers, Camper, and Hoppe cut 10 seconds off their time and finished second in 4:45, with Hoppe making up all but one stride of a 60 yard deficit.

The four combined for a fifth in the 400m relay, and the 3200m relay of Kim Watson, Danielle Villines, Amelia Villines, and Makayla Jorgenson were also fifth.

3200m relay- 1st- BV-11:30; 5th- Green Forest.

100m hurdles- Jessie Guest- 3rd- 19.08; Acacia Newell- 4th- 19.13.

100m dash- 1st- Camper, GF- 13.7; Howze, BV- 3rd- 14.14; Bell, BV- 6th- 14.50.

1600m run- Koerber- 2nd- 6:35; Phillips- 3rd- 6:43.

400m relay- 3rd- BV- 57.55- Ginger Recinos, Newell, Moore, Howze; 5th- Green Forest.

400m dash- Moore, BV- 1st (NR)- 1:03.49; 2nd- Camper, GF- 64.5; 5th- Hoppe, GF- 67.

800m run- Phillips- 3rd- 2:51.15.

200m dash- Howze- 3rd- 29.55.

1600m relay- 2nd- GF- 4:45; 3rd- BV- 4:59.76- Recinos, Howze, Guest, Moore.

Shot put- Bell- 1st (NR)- 38-1.

Discus- Bell- 2nd- 95.

Long jump- 2nd- Hoppe, GF- 14-6; Moore, BV- 4th- 13-11; Emily Ray, BV- 6th- 13-8-1/2.

High jump- Tennant- 1st- 4-6; Howze- 2nd- 4-4; Newell- 4th- 4-4.

Pole vault- Howze- 1st (NR)- 7-6; Grigg- 2nd- 7-6.

Junior Boys

Berryville- Coach Ben Lairamore said Jorge Mojica set a new district record in the 800m run in 2:11.12, and that Tye Roberts won the pole vault at 9-6, and the 110m hurdles in 16.91.

Cody Neal was second in the pole vault at 9-0, and Tim Ellison was sixth at 8-0.

The 3200m relay team was first in 9:30.79, with Mojica, Cory Crochet, Luis Ramirez, and Manual Arrizon running.

Seventh-grader Nemias Lopez was second in the 400m dash in 57.0, and fourth in the 200m dash in 24.54.

Spencer Berkeley was second in the long jump, 100m, and 200m dashes, and Drew Johnson was third in the discus at 130-0.

Green Forest- Coach Claude Whited said Trey Kerby ran well in the 800 and 1600m runs, and that C.J. Davis did well in the hurdles.

"I was real excited about that," Whited said, and added that the 3200m and 1600m relays both took third.

3200m relay- Berryville- 1st- 9:10; 3rd- Green Forest- Chanton Badley, Jordan Jones, Joe McCormick, Guy Joubert.

110 hurdles- 1st- Roberts, BV- 16.91; 2nd- C.J. Davis, GF- 17.32; 3rd- Ellison, BV- 17.01; 6th- Mojica, BV- 18.1.

100m dash- 2nd- Berkeley- 11.71.

1600m run- 1st- Trey Kerby, GF- 5:02; 2nd- Arrizon, BV- 5:05; 3rd- Henry Pineda, GF- 5:08; 5th- Luis Ramirez, BV- 5:19.

400m relay- 3rd- 46.0- Ellison, Brock Fanning, Roberts, Berkeley.

400m dash- 2nd- Lopez- 57.54; 3rd- Cam Elmore- 58.39; 4th- Fanning- 58.79.

800m run- Mojica (NR)- 1st- 2:11.12; 2nd- Kerby- 2:13; 3rd- Pineda- 2:31.

200m dash- 2nd- Berkeley- 23.83; 4th- Lopez- 24.54; 5th- Roberts- 25.36.

1600m relay- 2nd- BV- 3:57.45- Arrizon, Elmore, Fanning, Mojica; 3rd- GF- 4:00.34- Joubert, Kerby, Pineda, Davis.

High jump- 5th- Ellison- 5-6.

Long jump- 2nd- Berkeley- 19-3.

Shot put- 5th- Jeremy Jasso, BV- 41-10; 6th- Joubert, GF.

Discus- 3rd- Drew Johnson- 130-0; 4th- Jacob Wright- 129-0.

Pole vault- 1st- Roberts- 9-6; 2nd- Neal- 9-0; 6th- Ellison- 8-0.

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