New GF volleyball coach to begin summer camps

Thursday, May 1, 2003

GREEN FOREST ---- Jennifer Bassett, hired by the school district to head up the volleyball program, will be on the job before her contract begins in August.

School Board members voted to pay Bassett $100 a day, up to 10 days, to have her on campus from May 12 through May 23, to "get to know the kids, get the program up, and set up summer camps," said Superintendent Dr. Larry Bennett.

According to Bennett, Bassett will be taking the place of coach Vicky Magdefrau, a reservist with the National Guard, who was called to active duty in April.

"I believe she's in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, awaiting orders," Bennett said. "Reservists are usually called up for a year, but hopefully she'll be back in August, now that the war is over."

Bennett said the district hired Bassett to take over the volleyball program in Magdefrau's absence, not knowing when she will return.

He also stated that Magdefrau is guaranteed a job when she returns. "We'll find a place for her," he said.

Bassett was hired by the school board at a recent meeting.

On Monday night, the board met in special session to vote on several matters, including the special pay for Bassett.

Bassett is currently attending Arkansas State University at Mountain Home. She is set to graduate May 9.

Bennett said she will be certified in math and science in grades four through eight, and has coaching experience.

"While she was student teaching at Flippin, she coached seventh and eighth-grade volleyball," he said.

Bassett also plays on adult volleyball teams, Bennett said.

In other business Monday night, the board approved personnel policy changes as proposed by the Personnel Policy Committee.

Keith Kilbourn, chairman of the committee, said "a lot of hard work" went into the amended policy handbook. "It's the best we could come up with," he said.

Superintendent Bennett introduced the idea of creating stipends for staffers, such as the Odyssey of the Mind coordinator, athletic assistants, and a physical education coordinator.

Gus King and his wife, Paddy King, will be taking Odyssey of the Mind team members to a world competition soon. Bennett proposed that King receive a stipend as coordinator of the program.

Athletic assistants, he explained, are those staffers who receive reassignments and added duties.

The physical education coordinator is a position the district "might want to look at," Bennett explained. Currently, there is no one working in that capacity. He said obesity is a problem among youth. A physical education coordinator could possibly oversee programs to address the problem.

He also proposed increasing the stipend for the soccer coach, saying the coach currently receives $600, and should be getting about $1,400, similar to what other spring sport coaches receive.

The head football and basketball coach for seventh-grade teams would also benefit if Bennett has his way.

A stipend for the position, or split responsibility should be instituted, Bennett suggested.

He said the deadline for establishing new stipends was July 1.

Bennett's proposals will be considered by the Personnel Policy Committee, which, according to procedure, should return to the school board with its recommendations.

"We'll take it from there," Bennett said. "I was only giving my suggestions, tossing it on the table for consideration."

Also during the evening, the school board was assigned the task of reviewing job descriptions for all district employees.

Bennett said board policy requires that job descriptions be established, reviewed, and approved for everyone.

He presented the board with information on all employee positions, except the district treasurer, which he said will be defined by the next regular meeting.

Someone asked where Bennett found the job descriptions, suggesting that the information may have come off the internet.

Bennett said "no," that these were descriptions he had in the past.

The board asked to table the matter until they had time to review the information. They will have until the July 1 deadline to read and decide.

They are scheduled to meet again on Thursday for a tour of school.

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