Six-year-old injured by attacking dog

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

GREEN FOREST ---- A 6-year-old Green Forest boy was rushed to the hospital by ambulance on March 30 after a neighbor's dog allegedly attacked him while he played outdoors with his sister.

Casey Ruley required five staples in his head, said his father, Brandon Ruley, who is a patrolman with the Green Forest Police Department.

Ruley said his son Casey and his 7-year-old daughter, Chanda, had just stepped outdoors to play for a few minutes when the attack occurred.

He said they were playing on the side of the Carroll House Apartments, where the family resides, when his daughter noticed the dog approaching.

He said she ran away quickly, but Casey was left behind.

According to Ruley, Chanda came running, screaming and crying to him. Casey soon followed, covered in blood.

"The boy had blood gushing out of his head," Ruley recalled. "I got a cloth and applied pressure, and called an ambulance."

He said Casey required four staples to close some of the wounds in his head. He also noted that there were teeth marks in Casey's coat, indicating that the boy had tried to defend himself by placing his hands over his head.

"The kids had been out there just three minutes," Ruley noted. "We were all fixing to go out for dinner."

The incident occurred just outside Green Forest city limits and was investigated by a Carroll County Sheriff's Office deputy.

According to county authorities, the dog was quarantined at a local vet clinic as standard procedure. No citations were issued because there are no leash laws in the county.

Ruley said he will be seeking restitution for the medical bills the family incurred because of the attack.

The dog, who belongs to former police secretary Linda Hayhurst, was described as a Lab/Chow mix.

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