Weekly prayer service for troops slated

Monday, April 7, 2003

An inter-denominational prayer meeting is being held each Tuesday evening at Wildflowers Chapel in Eureka Springs, to pray for the United States and its troops, and for revival in Carroll County.

Everyone is invited, regardless of church affiliation. There are at least three different congregations currently attending, including a Messianic Jewish congregation under the leadership of Rabbi Jeremy Storch.

The chapel is located on U.S. Highway 62, on the east side of Eureka Springs. The meeting begins at 7 p.m., and usually lasts for about an hour.

Storch encourages everyone to come and pray, even if it is only for a few minutes or however long they can stay.

"These are informal meetings with emphasis on unity, and on prayerful support of our men and women in uniform and the nation," Storch said. "The important thing is for people to come together and pray.

"Unity was and is the Lord's desire for us," Storch adds. "Jesus prayed, in John 17:21, 'Father, may they be one, even as We are one.'"

The war may seem to be a long way off, and beyond our control, but prayer is a powerful way to be involved, Storch said. "The Bible is clear about this. There are many accounts of prayer influencing the outcome of battle.

The Tuesday evening prayer meeting is one of several currently being held in the Eureka Springs area. One group meets for an hour each Wednesday from noon to 1 p .m. at Holiday Island Community Church, on Stateline Drive.

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