Green Forest police discover significant meth lab in storage

Friday, March 7, 2003

GREEN FOREST ---- Police discovered what was described as "the best boxed meth lab" at a Green Forest storage unit, and arrested 41-year-old Sandra Ferdig in connection with the case.

According to Green Forest Police Chief John Bailey, authorities received information regarding the boxed meth lab while continuing their investigation into a meth arrest that occurred the previous week.

Shane Ferdig, 22, of Green Forest, and Benjamin Gray, 21, of Blue Eye, were charged in that case after police allegedly found a meth lab at a North Arch Street residence in Green Forest.

"While continuing our investigation, we received information of a possible lab at the storage unit," Bailey said. "K-9 Officer Tommy Hayden took Li'l Bud, the drug dog, to the storage facility, and ran him around all 35 units. Li'l Bud only alerted on one."

Bailey said further inquiries revealed that a person using a bogus name had left a note and a small amount of money before taking possession of the storage unit.

Bailey said the subject had not followed proper procedure, and didn't have permission to use the unit.

"After talking with the prosecutor, we gained entry," Bailey recalled, "and immediately discovered items that were supposed to be at the 601 Arch Street home that hadn't been recovered. We determined that we had yet another complete meth lab, including hazardous materials."

Bailey said he called Arkansas State Police for their assistance in cleaning up the lab.

"Ken Willock and Tracy Spencer, lab technicians with the ASP helped, along with Detective and crime scene technician Alan Hoos, with the sheriff's office," Bailey said.

"It is expected to cost more than $20,000 for cleanup," Bailey continued. "The state police will pick up the tab."

Bailey went on to say that the investigation implicated Sandra Ferdig, the wife of Shane Ferdig.

She was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In addition, she faces an enhanced charge for allegedly manufacturing meth in the presence of a 17-month-old child.

Bailey said Sandra Ferdig may face other charges as well.

"We're continuing our investigation, and additional charges and more arrests are possible," Bailey stated.

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