Light Brigade charges on May 3 to raise mission funds

Friday, February 28, 2003

Carroll County Light Brigade, Chapter 679, of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, has set a goal of $6,000 to be raised by seeking individuals to sponsor them for a 100-mile ride, according to chapter secretary Vickie Paulsen.

Money raised in the event will be used to supply missionaries with "Jesus," a film that has been translated into 743 languages and shown in 236 countries, along with Bibles and motorcycles and bikes.

In partnership with Open Doors and Campus Crusade for Christ, the film is being shown throughout the world. Through its Run for the Son, the Hatfield, Ark.-based CMA, the 2002 run raised money for more than 100,000 Bibles, and in the past 15 years Run for the Son has provided more than 790,000 Bibles.

With Missionary Ventures, the Run for the Son has supplied motorcycles and bikes to native pastors and evangelists through 40 different mission bases. Thus far, the program has placed 1,622 motorcycles, 575 bicycles, two boats and one horse to pastors in more than 79 countries.

It is estimated that one Bible will be used by up to 50 people, and as many as 12 new churches are being planted with the use of one bicycle.

Christian Motorcyclists Association is nonprofit and totally supported by motorcyclists who believe in Jesus Christ. Founded in 1975, CMA has 30,368 active members, more than 90,000 applications for membership, and more than 700 chapters in the United States. CMA is also represented in 14 other countries.

CMA conducts worship services at motorcycle rallies, tours and races whenever possible, as well has handing out free water and coffee, ministering to children, and helping those who become desperate in their present situations.

A portion of Run for the Son monies also assists in the printing and distribution of tracts, New Testaments, copies of the Gospel of John, and paper cups with a gospel message printed on them. Some funds are also used for bike repairs and maintenance, but no funds for the effort are used for CMA's daily administration

The 16th annual Run for the Son will take place on May 3, starting at locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information or to make a pledge, telephone Paulsen at (479) 253-5051, or Light Brigade Chapter President Ronnie Williams at (870) 423-2410.

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