Blue Eye sees the light: mayor saves the day

Friday, February 14, 2003
Jim Henry, the new mayor of Blue Eye, posed with former mayor Annalea Tharp after he was sworn in on Tuesday. "It's my time to move on," she said, "and let Jim take it. I think he can do a good job." As a result, the tiny town of 37 people will officially live on. (CCN / Anna Mathews)

BLUE EYE ---- The future of Blue Eye now rests in the hands of Jim Henry, a retatively new resident who opted to assume a leadership role in this tiny town of 37 souls.

Henry was sworn in as mayor on Tuesday after city council members and former Mayor Annalea Tharp gathered one last time.

Tharp and her council did not seek repeat terms in the November election, and no one else sought the seats.

That left Blue Eye without a governing body, and the possibility of losing its incorporation status.

Henry agreed to serve as mayor, saying, "I didn't want the town to fold." He claims leadership skills and said he lived in Reeds Spring, Mo., for 16 years prior to his move to Blue Eye.

Carroll County Judge Ed Robertson was on hand to swear Henry in, and to guide the proceedings.

He explained to the council members, Roy and Wanda Horton, Freddie Blevins, and secretary Lisa Ray, that they are required to serve even though they declined to run for re-election.

"The council remains intact until replacements are found," he explained.

Asked if they would continue to serve, all agreed, with the stipulation that replacements be found as soon as possible.

Before Henry was sworn in, the council officially accepted Tharp's resignation.

"It's my time to move on," she said, "and let Jim take it. I think he can do a good job."

She said she and the council never had a cross word and always worked well together. Tharp said she was proud of the improvements that had taken place, and noted there is more to be done.

Judge Robertson commended Tharp for her dedication over the years.

"You've left some big shoes to fill," he stated. "It's been my distinct pleasure to work with you. And, I want to express thanks on behalf of the county for all you've done."

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