Column: "The Sports Trail": Sports seasons under way in a big way in Carroll County

Thursday, September 5, 2002

by David McNeal

HOLY COW! They're playing everything everywhere.

You better believe it. Not only has football season arrived here in Carroll County, volleyball and cross country are poised to kick off now that Labor Day is behind us.

All the SEC football teams except Arkansas played last weekend, and the high school season begins for real this Friday all across the nation.

Let's see. The Berryville junior high football team plays this Thursday at Yellville, and the Lady Bobcat volleyball team opens the season against Alpena at home that same night.

Oh yeah. Before that, the Green Forest Lady Tigers took on Flippin at home Tuesday night, with junior high, JV and varsity playing.

Then the senior high football teams roll into action this Friday, with the Bobcats hosting Cassville, Mo., and the Green Forest Tigers hosting Pea Ridge.

Oh, let's not stop there. Saturday is the Antique Car Show in Eureka Springs, one of my favorite events of the season. There will be A-models to Super Bees, racing rods to street rods.

But the SEC football teams and the rest of the leagues will also be playing, including Arkansas, who hosts Boise State at 6 p.m. in Fayetteville.

Let's see. If I get all my honey-do jobs done in time, Alice and I will go sit along the street and take pictures of the car parade, which roars away about 11 a.m. or so.

Back to the house, crank the television, watch some games, then maybe go to the Hawg game. And maybe not.

After chasing high school sports all week, taking pictures, bothering coaches with interviews, writing the stories and producing the sports pages here, I may just veg out.

The schedule doesn't get any lighter for any of us, as our local cross country teams jump into the fray on Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Berryville Invitational.

Expect Highlander coach Hassell Bell and his teams to make the scene, along with Ken Krumwiede's host Bobcats.

Let's see. That would be four teams from each school for cross country, making eight teams, six volleyball teams (counting JV and junior high), and six football teams (counting seventh grade).

That's just in our county, but it should be enough to give anyone their sports dose any week this fall.


By the way, our 2002 Carroll County Football Preview is out this week. You should find it stuffed into this issue.

It's got rosters, schedules, stories, and photographs about the Tiger and Bobcat football teams.

No, the seventh-grade teams didn't make it, due to lack of space, but I will run their pictures and schedules as soon as possible in these pages.

I have a collection of these small issues, and get a kick looking back in them. I pulled one out from 1993 to see what was happening back them, and here's some of what I found.


Bill Gotto and Ronnie Clark were the head coaches at Green Forest and Berryville and were featured on the cover.

Inside, we had the Tigers, Bobcats, Huntsville Eagles, and Reeds Spring Wolves. Guess who helped me gather all those stories and photographs?

None other than my old buddy, Jim Fletcher, who now resides as Editor at New Leaf Press in Green Forest.

And the players?

The Tiger roster showed seniors J.J. Jones, Micah Tharp, Chris Swofford, and Tim Fritz, among others.

Berryville's roster listed Sam Gladden, Jason Kuncl, Justin Ferreira, and Heath Hagler.

Junior Tigers included Joy Compton, Shane Fultz, Colby Newberry, Rodney Jones, and 35 other players.

Junior Bobcats included Matt Slaughter, Cody Caywood, Aaron Skelton, Michael Kelley, Craig Dowd, Seth Bickel, and more.

They're all grown and gone now, but I remember them, and the teams they played on, thanks to our annual football preview. Hope you enjoy this latest effort!

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