Tiger campers earn awards

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Green Forest Tiger basketball coach Jeff Morrow held a four-day camp for athletes in fourth through sixth grade last week, with help from Barry Mullin, Terry Harness, and former Tiger Neal Hodges.

The staff taught basic skills to the 13 campers over the four days, and handed out a variety of awards during that time.

Coach Morrow selected two Camper of the Day awards each day, and at the end of the week held the usual camp contests. He also provided speakers each day, who talked to the campers about choices in life.

All campers received a basketball with Green Forest written on it and a Tiger face, with little hand-size Wilson basketballs given to the Campers of the Day. They also got T-shirts, and certificates for winning one of the competitions.

The camp is usually held the week after school ends, but the gym floor was being refinished at that time. Morrow thought this group was very dedicated, and would provide a base for the program to build on as they get older.

The award winners were:

Hot Shot, Free Throw, and Obstacle Course- Justin Reece.

3-on-3 champs- Will Mullen, Weston Rutledge, Tyler Harness.

Outstanding Defense- Tarik Jones & Barnett Phillips.

Hustle- Weston Rutledge

Rebounding- Will Mullen, Craig Couey.

MVP's- Justin Reece & Colby Arnold.

Campers of the Day- Jarrid Fredrick, Kalin Whiteley, Winston Stewart, Harness, Couey, Rutledge, Arnold, and Reece.

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