Weather slows baseball schedule

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Heavy rains and the Memorial Day weekend slowed play on the Cal Ripken schedule, with games on May 28 delayed to a later time.

Then the weather cleared, and games on Thursday, May 30, included the Rangers/Astros, Cardinals/White Sox, Diamondbacks/Twins, and Yankees/White Sox.

Friday's games, May 31, include Shell Knob/Rangers, Phillies/Astros, Twins/Cubs, and Shell Knob/Rockies.


The Star Progress Twins defeated the Green Forest Diamondbacks 8-5, with Jared Croom the winning pitcher for the Twins. The win gave them a 4-7 record.

Croom pitched 5 innings, faced 24 batters, struck out 6, and gave up 5 runs, with the team having 7 errors. Curtis Chappell came in in relief for 1 inning, faced 4 batters got the save, and had 2 strikeouts.

Losing pitcher was Jordan Jones. He faced 28 batters in 5 innings, had 8 strikeouts, 11 base on balls, and gave up 8 runs, but helped his cause at the plate, going 2/3 with a single and home run.

Batting- Twins- Nathaniel Trowbridge- 0/3, RBI; Chappell- 0/1, 2 walks; Croom- 1/2, triple, 2 RBIs; Chris Hall- 0/1, RBI; Chris Plumlee- 0/1; Justin Roop- 0/1.


The Berryville Cubs downed the Twins 9-3, with Josh Guindon the winning pitcher in 5-1/2 innings. Guindon faced 25 batters, had 11 strikeouts, and gave up 3 runs and 2 hits. The Cubs had 3 errors.

Losing pitcher was Curtis Chappell, who faced 27 batters, had 13 strikeouts, and gave up 9 runs and 5 hits. The Twins had 7 errors.

Batting- Twins- Chappell- 1/2; Nathaniel Trowbridge- 0/2. Cubs- Cody Sanders- 1/1; Sam Bennett- 1/1; Colby Singer- 1/1; Josh Guindon- 2/2, single, double.

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