HIAA reconvenes task force to study getting its own building

Friday, May 3, 2002
The Berryville Bobcat Band, under the direction of Jim Swiggart, playing trombone, plays a few swing tunes for an appreciative audience outside the Clubhouse for the Holiday Island Association of the Arts meeting May 23. CCN photo by Kate Allen

With almost $40,000 in its combined accounts, the Holiday Island Association of the Arts (HIAA) announced Thursday it is reconvening a task force to study getting a building to house its guilds.

Association President Dixie MaGirl told members Thursday night that HIAA had had a task force on the issue in the past.

"A lot of property is changing hands," she said. "The Yacht Club has been leased. The old district office has been bought -- not that it would have been a suitable space for us -- and there's just not a lot of space at Holiday Island."

A prior task force member from the audience said there had been a lot of general interest when the issue was studied before, "but it was a huge project. It was too big."

"We need to know answers to questions like 'Can we afford it? Do we build it? Do we buy it?'" MaGirl said.

The Theater Guild in the past has looked into the possibility of renovating the Barn as a performance space, but the Barn's architecture makes it difficult.

"The Theater Guild might have more plays if we had a theater," MaGirl said.

The Theater Guild, by far, has the lion's share of the money in the HIAA accounts. It also has the second highest membership, with 66 members. The Art Guild has 92. HIAA overall has 189 paying members.

MaGirl said the task force does not have to be composed only of HIAA members, and others with an interest are welcome to volunteer.

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