1AAA All District, All State, Coaches of Year named

Thursday, March 7, 2002

With the final exit of all 1AAA teams from the state basketball tournament, the All District, All State, and Coach of the Year selections for the 2001-02 season have been announced.

Prominent among the honors were the selections of two Carroll County coaches as Coach of the Year for the 1AAA conference.

Eureka Springs Highlander coach Josh Hill was voted Coach of the Year for the boys, with Berryville Lady Bobcat coach Mitch Myrick voted Coach of the Year for the girls.

Both led their teams to the best records in school history, and both teams won the 1AAA District tournament.

The Highlanders finished 32-5, and won the Southwest Holiday Tournament, the NAC Senior Boys Tournament, the 1AAA overall league championship, and the 1AAA District Tournament.

The Lady Bobcats finished 24-6, were champions of the 45th Annual Green Forest Holiday Tournament, finished second in the 1AAA overall league race, and won the 1AAA District Tournament.

Both teams earned a trip to the Class AAA Region 1Tournament in Prairie Grove, but were derailed in the first round.

  • All State selections, as voted on by the 1AAA coaches, were:

    Boys- Griggs Covington, Eureka Springs; Neal Hodges and Matt Bell, Green Forest; Tim Shepard, West Fork; Thomas Fulcher, Farmington.

    Girls- Sheena Spielberg, Berryville; Abbie Rose, Prairie Grove; Elizabeth Williams, Farmington; Bonnie Fox, Gentry.

  • Coaches pick one player from the league to play in the Coaches All Star game this summer, but provide a list of five in case someone chooses not to play, or is injured. Only one will go. All must be graduating seniors.

    All Star coaches from 1AAA are, for the boys, David Ferrell from West Fork. For the girls, Norman Mitchell from Gentry was selected.

    Boys- 1- Tim Shepard, West Fork; 2- Neal Hodges, Green Forest; 3- Griggs Covington, Eureka Springs; 4- Thomas Fulcher, Farmington; 5- Jake Cripps, Gentry.

    Girls- 1- Kim Edmondson, Gentry; 2- Brandi Moore, Prairie Grove; 3- Abbie Rose, Prairie Grove; 4- Jessica Keeler, Gravette; 5- Sarah Sisemore, Huntsville.

  • BOYS

    Green Forest- Neal Hodges, Matt Bell, Nathan Kilbourn. Honorable Mention, Austin Lasater.

    Eureka Springs- Griggs Covington, Cash Covington, John Hall, Brian Abendroth, Jake McMorrow.

    Berryville- Grant Myrick, Josh Jackson. Honorable Mention, Jesse Ashley.

    Huntsville- J. R. Lievsay, Derek Thomas.

    West Fork- Tim Shepard, James Trulove, William Prettyman.

    Gentry- Jake Cripps, Eric Merkey.

    Farmington- Thomas Fulcher, Sean Sterling, Ryan Spears.

    Prairie Grove- Colt Bartholomew, Matt Shandler.

    Gravette- Chris Evans, Caleb Powell.


    Berryville- Latisha Smith, Christina McNeal, Sheena Spielberg, Lindsey Moore.

    Green Forest- Jessica Joubert, Brittany Gotcher.

    Eureka Springs- Leah Tomlinson. Honorable Mention, Lisa DuMontier, Lea Dearmon.

    Huntsville- Sarah Sisemore, Jill Walker, Tabitha Christian.

    Gentry- Elizabeth Rosborough, Bonnie Fox, Emily Quam, Kim Edmondson.

    Prairie Grove- Abbie Rose, Kristian Tester, Brandi Moore.

    Farmington- Allie Benish, April Carter, Elizabeth Williams.

    Gravette- Krystal Smith, Jessica Keeler.

    West Fork- Jessie Brown, Holly Skelton.

    Lincoln- Kassie Doyle.

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